Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Things

I realize this is a boys hoodie, but I would like it in a small please!

Above is the Neverland Embroidery pattern I want and want to do! I love the mermaid - duh!

This is lil Kris' bday gift! Shushhhhhhh ;)

I think this outfit is tooo cute! Lauren, too bad your birthday isn't closer ;) I feel like this was made for you!

These are a few of my favorite things! :)

I would like to fast forward to the weekend and sunshine - starting......now! So I can spend time with this: my sweet lovely lil brother Danny, some crazi kelli, and Andrea are all coming to visit! Geeza
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Monday, March 30, 2009

looks like a rainbow puked...

You can't look at these lollipops and not smile! I remember always getting them with my siblings and making total sticky messes. And then we would try to save them - gross! These were at Cracker Barrel! Early Saturday I drove my very wonderful grandma to Orlando to meet up with her sisters staying in Daytona - for bike week! Not really bike week, but they do love watching massive amount of bikers that fill Daytona.
My grandma doesn't like driving 10 miles north of her house let alone 80 or whatever to Orlando, so once a year I drive one hour to Orlando, eat, chat it up with the ladies, then drive an hour back. I love it! Everyone should sit and talk to their grandma! She may not know how to text or what twitter is, but she knows a heck of alot more than you or I! Do it! It will be well worth it!

New lil dunny gal! Check out HiCalorie!
Make a wish!

Full Color!
I had some time to kill Saturday, and I've been bored with my makeup, so I had a very sweet gal at Sephora do my makeup! (first I went to MAC, but the lady was scary looking!) It was so fun! I love eye makeup, well and all makeup. I think I'd make a good drag queen makeup artist. All the crazy colors and over the topness -that would make me happy. Sometimes when I wear any color other than brown I feel drag queenie - so I had the girl at Sephora do it. I kinda liked it - We'll see.
That night this comic on TV said, "makeup is like a scratch off for men, take her home and see what you get!" :)


And - I actually started a project and completed a project!
This is my apron (that will never get used)!
I'm trying to catch up in my Red Velvet Girls class.
It was surprisingly not too tough to make. There wasn't a pattern, so I just winged it. I like the lil pocket! I'm going to make a few more in different styles, then give them to the ladies I love.

I used the sewing machine. This picture explains why I love to hand sew.
The seam ripper and I are buds.
I used Anna Maria Horner and Amy Bulter fabrics. They went really well together. The main red fabric is a thicker home interior fabric, thought it would hold up better.

Mickey had to be moved. He just wants some attention and lovin, but it gets annoying. I gave him his own fabric - problem solved!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

All those mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates

Breakfast of Beckstars! I have to wake up some how so XL starbucks is the way to go!Today I wore a FSU tee my brother gave me for my bday! See Danno I'm wearing it! Here are some questions for you - was it wishful thinking buying a small? lol Or are you wanting me to shrink? No more frappuccinos! Work was long! I think it took alot out of me lol hi weekend ;)

Dunny templates! All the lil kiddos (& big ones) in my life are getting Easter Dunnys! I can't wait to start making them!
Give me some ideas!! Easter egg dunny, a dunny chick baby, rainbow & sunshine dunny?
Dunny Hunting for Easter!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inspiration found :)

I've been feeling alil cold come on this week, but I think I maybe beating the germs, said I would! So after my most favorite show, The Office, and some sweetnesses shared I decided to make something, or at least pick out projects and colors! It still counts!
One of my very favorite fabric designers and just extra talented lady, Anna Maria Horner, has a book - Seams to Me (which I've had since Christmas and never used). I picked out a purse project! Now I did promise my brother I would stop using fabric or canvas bags as purses, lol you know dress my age. But this is homemade, so doesn't count. It won't be frumpy Danny, don't worry!
It's called The One of Everything Bag! These are the colors I picked out! Blues and Oranges! I've never made a purse before so this will be a learning experience :)
Mick needs a bath for alot of reasons lol. Maybe this weekend after some sunshine!

Today a strange but sweet event took place. My mother, lil Mags, called me from work asking me to take a picture of a tattoo to show the ladies at her work. Odd for so many reasons, first Mags is not a tattoo fan (but secretly she loves them I think), second why this specific one I do not know, it's an older tattoo, and she told the ladies in her office about my tattoos? What is going on?
She requested my Billy June. So I did it lol I showed them the whole thing, here's part of it. She's a busty blonde gal :)

Still strange, but anything for my Mags!

Second project! My Red Velvet Class apron! I just was saying I wanted to learn to cook! Having a super cute apron would help the process I think :) Even if I'm not Suzie homemaker I can have a preshie apron to look like one!
Above are the colors I picked out! The red (Anna Maria Horner fabric ps) will be the base piece and the others will be fringe and tie. I'm thinking it will need extra lil ball pompom fringe too!
This is the lovely Elsie, Red Velvet Art is her awesome dream. She and Rachel run the Red Velvet Class, and here is her apron! I love the mermaids!

Just because he's cute! I will not feed him sculpted butter lambs, but he IS cute fat!
So treats for my lil fat boy!

I found this on a blog a bit ago and just loved it! Wouldn't it be fun!? Good exercises, learning to do flips so I can pursue my pro-wakeboarding career jk, etc. Put Mickey on it and bounce him to the moon - so many things!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Hello :)

Been awhile :) yikes it's Wednesday huh? Well here we go!
Today I got confirmation that Twilight is completely amazing thanks to Molly! I called her up telling her to get her running shoes on because I need to get in shape! She didn't :) but she did promise she would! So Twilight is next on the list since my sister is reading the Toy Monster book.

Oh and Wednesdays mean Pop visits! He found this awesome McCall's Needlework Treasury. We looked through it together and he told me good luck lol. This book has everything in it!
That does say Tatting, so who's first? I'll tat you up.
So tatting actually is just another method of lace making or doilies. Which I was just asking several people if they knew how to make. Now I have the giant McCall book, so I'm gonna tat it up.

My sister visited Vanderbilt this weekend, where she was accepted into grad school! She stayed with our Aunt Lynna and just loved it. I'll be sad she's far, but I'll be happy to visit TN.
Lauren and Lynna visited some antique stores, and were so sweet to bring me this creepy crawly spider pin!
Thank you :)

A very crafty gal, who actually does her Red Velvet Girl class. :) I've been slacking!
Too cute apron!

At Publix yesterday, and found this! I did not know you could buy sculpted butter. These are lil lambs for Mickey.
Wanna play lambs?

This weekend was very good! Sent time with family, did alil quilting, got a hair cut, watched the sunset, slept in, and was luckily enough to volunteer at Ante up for Autism! My very wonderful cousin Rachel attended Sydney's School, which is a school for both autism kids and typical kids. They believe all kids, with and without autism, should interact and learn together. Rachel bloomed at Sydney's School! Sydney's School is ran by some very amazing people, and they keep that school going, but they need MONEY to keep it going! :) So they have Ante up for Autism at the Yaffe's . The Yaffe's are these incredible people who donate their home for the night. It looks more like a museum or castle in Europe than a house in Tampa. I could go on forever about this house!
Me and lil Mags after a very long, but fun night! It was a very fun night! I was very happy to see all the people come out to support an amazing school!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Because i love PINK

Have lovely weekend, I will :)
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I miss :)

It was brought to my attention today that I have not blogged about dunnys lately! My love has not been lost, please don't worry! I haven't been dunny hunting in awhile, and I do miss it. Hopefully soon! I did trade a dunny, my first trade, very exciting. Here are some cute dunny items I will share with you! Dunny target shirt - perfect for dunny hunting!
And this I actually couldn't believe - first who would pay $130 bucks for it and its a real 3 inch dunny! I would not want a 3 inch dunny around my neck. At the Bucs games there's this man who has a big plastic toy car Cadillac symbol around his neck for Cadillac Williams, and that's what this reminds me of! Strange, but still cute - not cute enough to even wear!
I am wanting to make more plush dunnys. Like Easter Dunnys! One lil Sol baby got one and it was a hit! Lil E has given me his order for a plush dunny - blue, transformer like, button eyes, and a backpack - nothing complicated lol.

I miss doing projects! I don't know where to start, plus my book is really good, so there's that!

I miss my skull quilt! I've been distracted with projects, books, family, buds, etc. and I have not worked on it in forever!

And Mickey - I don't really miss him, because he follows me everywhere! But I thought you all might miss his lil mug.

Also I always always miss my Red Velvet Girl Live Chat thing, so I thought I'd share one Q&A with you! Then you need to leave yours to share please!
** If you could have your hair any color for a week, what would it be?
More blonde than I am now!
** What's your favorite nail polish color?
dark red, but it's spring so bright pink!
** Describe your house in one word:
** Celebrity fashion hero?
My lil sister – without her I would wear white tank tops and jeans everyday
** What color is your bedroom?
*What is something that you crave?
* If you could be one place, right now, where would it be??
Right now, ummm cherry blossoms in DC, but and japan
*what song is stuck in your head right now?
Talib Kweli part in get em high lol
*Favorite Children’s Book?
Good Night Moon
*what's your perfect breakfast?!?
Waffles and tall glass of orange juice so pulpie you can chew it!
*Anyone have crafty people in their family?
My dad is amazingly crafty! He can fix and build anything, but he also carves awesome features out of wood. My aunt Jax is the craftiest – she quilts and bakes like no one else!
*Anyone else have tattoos?
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green and Killer Leprechauns!

Some green I love! I'm not "going green" just some green stuff I like :)
Cutest purse, camera, cardigan hook ever!

My favorite green Frankenstein heart necklace by Lady Spleen!

My green vinyl toys!

Green cupcakes for work and our Killer Leprechaun Day! So far we have had a Bloody Valentine's and Friday the 13th potluck, so it seems fitting to have a Killer Leprechaun Day. Scary movie themed holidays - try it!

Here's a Mick ;) not offensive bc that's his name!

Mas cupcakes!

I wonder if green food coloring is as bad as red dye no. 5. Lots of kids can't have red dye, like my sister, growing up it made her cranky and grumpy. She has taken to drinking red Gatorade recently, so stay out of her way. ;) love you lil lo!

Got hungry baking, so I made myself some egg whites, and dyed them green. Not gonna lie at first I didn't think I could eat them lol but I did! I decided when I have kids I'm going to dye all their food! It will be like in the movie Hook - remember that scene?
Have a Killer St. Patrick's Day!

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