Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Day

First, today is Eli's 5th birthday!
His gift, a monster hoodie, is still in production. 
This was his last year birthday gift, a quilt, the only one I've ever totally totally completed!

Second, some super exciting new for me: Amy from Mod Podge Rocks did a post about my transfers! 
I was sooo excited when she told me she wanted to post about it! It is an honor because her blog is so awesome! Who new there are a zillion things you can do with Mod Podge!? 
Thank you Amy!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Future Artists

This is LoLo, my sweet cousin, the up and coming artist! She just graduated Kindergarten with all gold stars! After her performance we got to look at all her artwork!

Lolo drew this fellow below! I'm impressed, and she's only 6, so I'm double impressed!

This is her Ben Franklin!

I told my uncle Lolo is going to be a future Strumpet artist ;)
He always teases me about the blog name! Oh Uncle John!
This is my other cousin, Robbie! He also graduated from Kindergarten!
In this picture I told Robbie to look smart (like the scarecrow from OZ) lol.

This is Robbie's self portrait! He's so awesome!

I feel so lucky to gave these kiddos in my life!

Congratulations lil Lo and Robbie! I love you very much!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress Mecca

It's summer time, and in Florida it is very hot! Getting ready in the morning, I can't bring myself to put on jeans! Jeans are for cold weather right?  :) Look at all these lovely dresses! They are from Mod Cloth, and all so perfect! Some are fancy, some are causal, all are perfect for the sunshine!

Only plus with jeans - you can skip shaving on lazy days! :)
Lo - the two bottom dresses I picked for you, my lil hippy dippy sister - I miss you!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lovely Lazy Days

Here's my lovely lazy weekend:
1.park and sunshine
2. family :)
3. lots of food
4. watching the whole season of TrueBlood (took 2 days)
5. water - so pretty
6. frozen deviled eggs lol
7. playing with Mickey
8. naps while it rained
9. starbucks breakfast
10. listened to The Kite Runner audio book, now want to change the world

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain rain go away!

I finished embroidering this lil Love Bot!
Now I have three mediums completed - paint, embroidery, and print. I have a list of 13 different ideas, and I'm going to try them all!
My sweet lil Mickey!
New quilt book! I've wanted this book for a bit now! 
The main reason I bought it was this quilt! Because what I need is some new projects ;)

I saw this on Tokidoki! This lil rompers are so cute! Carly had them on her blog and I love them!

Here is another unfinished project for my dad, it's like a year old. Daddy you're getting it for this Father's Day (fingers crossed)!!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sugar, sugar

This is my sugar skull quilt that I have not worked on in ages!
Yesterday I was going through all my half finished quilt and found it!
Robert sketched out the skull for me, because he has talent when it come to drawing and I have zero ;) Below is the quilt now (unfinished). See the two cross bones?

Now my aunt, she used the skull drawing and finished her's. She's kinda an overachiever lol plus her's is a scary skull not a sugar skull! It's very awesome!
I'm working on unfinished projects and trying not to start new ones. Key word - TRYING!!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bright Ideas

Robots, robots, Robots :) So this is my newest bright idea - take this lil Love Bot and be craftie with it in all mediums. This idea came from The Spark, because they love all types of crafts. I "try" all mediums mostly. Not great at half of them, but still try. So I'm taking this lil Love Bot I drew and I'm going to stitch it, plush it, paint it, etc. 
Here it is printed, and then I used it for Valentine cards.
Here is the Love Bot stitched. She's not finished yet!
Here is my lil Love Bot painted! SO if you have any ideas tell me! Please!! 
Leave your idea in the comments please!! Oh and what's your favorite medium? Mine's quilting!

Here's my lil Mickey looking as cute as can be!

I got the Vamp Fang Necklace! And here is my green Frankenstein heart that I love soooo much!

Here is a super cute lil fox for my cousin Robbie, who is graduating from Kindergarden this Friday! He's a Fox - his last name, so I thought he'd love this!

Another bright idea - Look what I got! Tada!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Ending is better than Mending! - No!!!

Went to Ikea...and I still have mixed feelings! It was incredibly overwhelming.
The fabric was cool, but it's mostly for home decor not quilting. 
Here's my sister acting like a robot and saying "Ending is better than mending!" It's a saying from Brave New World. Everything in Ikea is totally disposable. Like your not passing your Ikea bookshelf down to your kids and grandkids. I think I'm over thinking it. 

New lil Gamma Mutant Space Friends by Tara Mcpherson! I just love them I think they're soooo cute.

Lil lizard in the bathroom! I had to catch him in a shoebox and let him back outside. Lil trickster!

Finally I got my Money Cat Dunny! This is my Money Cat Dunny, yours is not even at Kidrobot!
So cute!

Mickey looking cute with all his brown tears off his eyes. I'm not sure why but white/light dogs have brown tears. Mickey goes bananas if you try to get them clean. Lil Mags was able to get Mick's eyes clean! Thank you Mags!
I did absolutely zero craftiness this weekend! I ate alot, hung out with friends and family, and went to IKEA dundundun. But I did see this and I'm going to make them for my lil cousin and Eli's bdays! I bought the hoodies, and now I just have to make them! I can't wait to have kids - they are going to either love me or be totally embarrassed of me :) 
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey Fangers, Enjoy!

The first season comes out on DVD Monday.

This lego vampire from Gr0glmann is soo cute!

If Sookie can love Bill, then everyone can love vampires!
NayArt thinks so!

I really love LadySpleen's shop and this necklace!

Too cute - from XyourTs!

I figure this is something from Twilight (yikes still haven't read it)! I thought all the Twilight lovers would like it! This is by MindyKuen!
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Good Friday

The lil gal at Starbucks made me the most perfect Carmel Lite Frappuccino with 2 shots this morning :) Last night I watch the season final of The Office and hand sewed abit! The Office was awesome, I won't tell all the wonderfulness just incase you didn't watch it ;) 
Today some Ikea, Urban, and tattoo shop with my sister! Wooowhooo!
Oh and something interesting the iPhone didn't know the word Ikea - yikes, they changed it to Iowa lol. Ikea you need to buddy up with iPhone. 

Have a wonderful weekend :)
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