Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today is my 26th birthday! So many surprises at work! The whole office was decorated in DUNNYS

Some room progress!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking good!

So it's coming together! Slowly, but surely! So I'll be able to sew again! 

My fabric is all neatly folded. More to come though, so lol hopefully it stays neat!
Dunnys are in place!
Some pictures are up, but not all of them! I do love using the drill :) My dad was impressed to find out I had my very own drill! Makes life much easier! 
I love my lil Liddy! She's my very sweet, super smart, super cute lil cousin in NC. Since we don't get to see each that often and since she LOVES American Girl Dolls, she sends me ecards all the time, so sweet! (this is an American Girl Doll card) The last two have had this lil Mickey dog on them! Thank you Lid! I miss you! 
These pictures are from my iPhone so they aren't great, better ones to come later! (sorry Danny I will get the blue room up for you!)
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sneak peek

A green screen? Cheap beach hotel wall? Oh no my new room color. I'm bad at this sort of thing, picking out room colors. I love bright bold colors, but in this case less is more. Oh and I hate painting! I always thought people who hired painters were lazy, no they aren't, they are smart!

On an exciting note, Dunnys the London series are out! I'm excited!
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I need longer weekends please!

Paint, sanding, painting more, lifting, etc. = zero fun.
This is what my weekend has been filled with and probably the rest of the week. Ok enough feeling sorry for myself! :) I'm actually quite excited to see the finished product!
Here's a bit of craftiness!
My Aunt Jenny is not only a super woman, but very crafty to boot. When I say super woman I mean she is amazing. She and my uncle have two wonderful lil gals, my sweets cousins! Jenny keeps that family in check. I hope I can be half the super mom she is one day! She always has these clever crafty ideas. She can't always get around to doing them because she is so busy, but yesterday she made the cutest pirate outfit for Rach! LoLo was is the local children's parade in town, but Jenny wanted Rach to get involved too. She put this awesome lil pirate vest together in the morning! I love all her beads and head wrap! Too cute! Arrrr Rach!

My Mags and Rachie!
Too cute!

Cute pirate gals!

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Friday, January 23, 2009


First order out! Too cute!

Mickey is posing! Who does he think he is? I can't handle him sometimes, but I do understand this is all my doing! :) I made this lil sketch to make in photoshop and then embroider!

Have a great weekand!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I love my sister! 
She is really the best! She made the first purchase in my etsy shop! She cracks me up! Lauren I love you, I don't tell you enough!
I found these goodies on etsy, and I really like them! 
Glamasauru's Shop is where I found this Poisoned Heart Collaged Necklace. Cute :)
This rose and diamond are made by Wickedmicky, super cute!

I made this to show etsy love! On Thursdays I'll start showing off some of my favorite etsy items! So many crafty people out there!
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Just getting started

Yesterday I showed you all the headboard I plan on making (with my dad's help) this weekend! The book is called Big-A$* Book of Crafts.
It's a really awesome book! There's tons of craft projects for your home and yard. So here is the topper I'm planning on painting and using.
Tonight was sewing night! I had a zillion projects I could work on, but I chose to make a dunny. I did finish it, so it's not another unfinished project! I sewed him up by hand because I didn't feel like using the machine. I could chat with the girls easier without the noise from the machine! Molly worked on her 8 point star block, she's doing such an awesome job! Elise made this beautiful green pillow with the cutest little elephant on it! We ate a bunch of cookies and rice crispy treats = good night!

And here's Mick! He's been wilder than ever, but oh so cute! Notice he needs a trim! This is him just checking my sewing bag for pup treats. I keep them in there for him sometimes, so he jets for it when I walk in the door. Oh Mickey!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open for Business

I've done it! I opened my etsy shop, FINALLY! I'm so excited! Go everyone, look, enjoy, and purchase :) Oh and I hope everyone likes the new look!

Here is a lil tasty of what's in the shop!
Also I've bitten off more than I can chew, I am going to make this headboard! I bought the fancy little wooden things (what are they called), and some orangiepink paint. I am going to need my daddy's help for putting this thing together. Note to Larbear: :) please help!

This is an old book of my mom's. We found it this past weekend cleaning out a closet. I am very luck my lil Mags taught me how important it is to send Thank You cards. First, it's polite, second everyone loves getting cards in the mail! Note to Mags: Thank you! :)
Now I have a book to teach me to write letters for all occasions, I am stoked!

So today I came home to a package full of greatness! Andrea, who's back home in the states, sent me a package while she was in the Middle East! She filled in with everything I love. First the treats!

Two crazy quilt pillows! They are orange; my favorite!

Save the best for last! This is Alice in Wonderland in Arabic! I collect the book, Good Night Moon, in different languages. Now I can start collecting Alice. As you've read from past blogging days, my sister and I love Alice. Last year my best buds and Lo threw me a Wonderland Birthday! It was awesome! Oh and it was a surprise, and now I'm never allowed to have a surprise again lol - sorry to be difficult! Thank you all again!

Lauren and Andrea make close to 100 cupcakes for my Wonderland Birthday!

I can't wait to see Andrea! Hurry back to Florida!
A lil PS: Look at all this beautiful new fabric! I received it in the mail today. It's already been washed and is ready to be put to work!

Mickey and I need our beautiful sleep, tomorrow is sewing night!

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Peace out Bush!
Hello Hope!

purchase this print from jdryerart on etsy
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning by Doing

This weekend was an extreme learning weekend! I learned to use a caulk gun and a sander. I thought the caulk gun would be a breeze, but nope that lil sucker is tricky! The caulking comes out even when you're not pulling the trigger. You have to move fast and try not to make a huge mess! But my luck was about the same with the sander. The room I am working on was my room when I was young. My parents let me have full creative freedom over this room, and I went all out as a kid. On one wall I glued magazine cutouts all over the wall, on a second wall I painted a sky. Great when your 12, but now trying to paint over that was a nightmare. I tried shaving off the magazine collage, that didn't work! So I thought sanding it may! The sander is messy, and not worth it! So I'm going to replace the wall lol! I know sound silly, but I'm gonna do it! My brother is coming home for Superbowl weekend, and I want to have the room perfect for him! I will post the progress pictures later!

My sister sent me this picture! We have this little joke about the still stripping book! This book is everywhere, this lady is making a killing! Good for her, plus it's a hilarious title! Lauren should be sending me pictures of an apron she made over the weekend ;) can't wait to show everyone! I also can't wait to be finished with the painting, sanding, drilling, etc. so I can sew and quilt again! 
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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Every work day I get to drive over the bay, which is quite pretty. I also drive by these orange flowers! I think they are a weeds after closer inspection, but they are still so colorful! So Friday I finally took a picture of them to share! I know this is going to sound cornie, but take a look around, beautiful stuff is everywhere. Even on your way to work, which can sometimes be a bummer. So let me know what beautiful things you find!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Chilly!

 Here are some better pictures of my mittens, which I love! I need to learn to knit mittens. I can knit scarves, but not purl. You're suppose to knit one row, and purl the next, but I just knit all rows. For now, until I learn to make my own I have these!

My knit gloves/mittens are not a hit with Mickey. I came home last night with them on, reached down to pat and love on him, and he freaked out and started to attack them! :) He is a nut! But look at how cute he is! This picture is from his second day with me! He was so little and so sweet.  He still is sweet, but he is fearless and wild now! The other two pictures are from this morning! He is such a cuddle bug! Everyone should have a Mickey!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold, but content

It is 49 degree out right now! I know it is much colder in other places, but this is Florida, and I honestly wasn't ready for this! I was definitely made for sunshine!
Last night at quilting, we had a nice toastie fire, and drink hot tea and warm SUPEDupsoup! Everyone talked about their holiday times, while quilting. It was very nice! Jackie is almost finished with the floor pillows she has been making for my Nanny! They are coming out so beautiful! Ellen was making a beautiful "stack 'n wack" hexagon quilt! I need to borrow the pattern for this because I just have to try it! I love hexagons, well more of a love hate relationship! Me sister is applying to grad school and she asked to email her essay for the ladies to read over. All the ladies are amazingly talented, and many work at the university, so they were more than happy to help. And Lauren was very thankful for their in site! Thank you all again!
It was a very nice evening.
Here are floor pillows Jax has already made for her house:

Here are Nanny's floor pillows! They came out so great! Now she was to make a matching quilt! Jax is an over achiever ;)

One down, one to go!

These are my new knit gloves! Bought on sale at Urban Outfitters! Some people at work teased me about them, because I wear them inside, but my fingers stayed warm! Plus they are preshie! The mitten part is buttoned back, but just unbutton to have awesomely cute knit mittens. And extra bonus, I can wear mittens and wear a ringpop!And share! (I didn't let him have it! Calm down!)

I also got a dunny recently! I've been trying now since this series came out to get him, and never did until now! This fellow is one of the easiest to find (not for me)! Dunnys are blind box toys, so you never know what you're gonna get. Keeps things exciting!

Tomorrow is Friday, so have a wonderful day! And stay warm!
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