Friday, February 27, 2009


You know who needs this!? Oh Mickey, my elephant size maltese! Too bad he would just freak out and eat it! Some say he is getting chubby, but he's just fluffy! :)  
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Sleep Needed

More Red Velvet Girl projects that are semidunzo. This is my BeckStar Hide em Here journal - tada! I never scrapbook, so I find it easier to do a page a day. Here's today's page! Go Team! Mickey is right by my side alllll the time, whether I am sewing, quilting, knitting, painting, etc. He's always there (in the way) ;)

Felt like painting lol this is a silly lil Mickey.

My Tink Hide em Here journal! I used embroidery thread on it. Let me tell you I think it's a must, but it is rough! I broke a needle lol, and my fingers are sore lol.

Oh mick!

My Outrageous tee from Renown! By the way, Renown has new Hellz Bellz stuff for girls. I was thinking of Jem while paint my BeckStar journal, you know Jem and the holograms! I love Jem! None of her clothes fit Barbie! Remember!? Well she was Truly Outrageous! :) iPhone pic is yuckie - sorry! Night!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Greetings and mermaids

Today I am blissful :) Full of, characterized by, or causing, joy and felicity; happy in the highest degree. CHECK!
So here is alil something from one of my favorite gals, Anna Marie Horner! She creates the most amazing fabric, and now she has stationary! Wouldn't you love to get this in the mail!? Here are some etsylove items!
This is a print by illustratedink! Very cool! Reedpunk made this! Mommy mermaid is on the anchor! It caught my eye ;)
This is alil case from sweetheartsinner! I like the name ;)
I like mermaids very much! Keeping my eyes peeled for a keeper. Here's what I want a traditional, anchor, fiesty, perfectly pinuped mermaid tattoo :) maybe a knife or sword of some sort, keep things tough.

My poor PT (car) died last week, but luckily I am able to borrow the tank! It's a large SUV and feels like a tank with rims lol. Look out! Today this was in my email - Tank Girl!
The PT will be up and kicking soon enough! Thanks for the tank!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So many things!!!

Super on sale Kaffe fabric! It was 60% off on! I need it for my stack em whack em quilt! Jackie said large patterns are best, so this is perfect! You need about 6 yards for the quilt so I needed to find beautiful and inexpensive, done and done!
Mickey is saying, "This is my Kaffe fabric, your Kaffe fabric is at!" Rotten pup ;)

So sharp you wouldn't feel a thing!

So thanks to Jendetta at I was able to do this at the Coraline website! Oh man I love it! Mickey went through the tiny door too! Tada! Thank you Jendetta! Now everyone go and see what the other world is like :) ps apparently I smile in all pictures, I couldn't find a creepy one, maybe the smile makes it a bit creepy.....

Now here are my Red Velvet Girl Hide em Here journals! Not totally completed, but at least they are painted, half the battle. I haven't painted in forever! It felt good to, you'll probably see more paintness. So get ready for that lol. BeckStar is Jem and the holograms wannabe name and Tink is cute and like a wink but better! Remember Jem?!?

Here is my 50 Things i LOVE list. It's not 100% everything, but good enough for a scrapbook lol! They are in no particular order btw. oh 51. is made up words - i love Danny for that!

Here is Mickey boo (almost 1 whole year old) looking so fresh n so clean clean! He got an eye hair trim and no longer looks like a homeless pup!

New dunnys (had them for a bit) but new to you! Their backsides are cuter than their fronts! The lil blue one is wearing a dino costume! And the mummy dunny reminds me of Halloween! When is a good time to start the count down for Halloween!?

Pop strikes again! I was super excited to see these VERY old, vintage lol if you will, EZloom! This maybe older than me! Pop found it for me for 20 cents at the thrift store! I've been wanting to learn, and now I can! Pop you are great! Thank you!

Time for sleeps and to cuddle up my totally neglected (eyeroll), sad, doe eyed puppy! Good night all! Quick ps bet you have a sweet nerd in your life you need to make this for or yourself. I will now hear mario coin and sound track in my sleep :)

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First Things First!

Congratulations to my dearest Kris! This is her NEW home! Well soon! And when you see it again it will be all redone! I am extremely excited for her and her hubby, Michael!
My other very dear friend sent me this pillow picture! It's so pretty! She informed me she would like me to make it for her lol! Talk to Kris, she'll tell you to get in line, she is still waiting on her wedding quilt!
The beginnings of a "Coraline" Lauren Farley Doll Baby! I just started it so there's more to come!
I have never been a lover of closet doors. This began at a young age when my room would be a mess and the closet doors always broke/come off the runners because I could not close them :) So I took off the doors and put up these super lovely curtains! Surprisingly I didn't buy the paint and curtains together or try to match. I like that they are the same color.

Here is my Spring Scarf Project from my Red Velvet Girl Craft Class! We used jersey cloth and it turned out cute! Probably don't need a scarf, so Lo come home and get it :)
And this is just super necessary to share! Babahaahhaa
Now I would like sushi!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feel the love

I have loved this headband since I saw it on Silje's very lovely blog! I just love the color and thought it was too cute! Then she put them up on her etsy! Mine now :) So excited!

On jmaccknit's etsy, she has these awesome patterns! If I get it now I maybe able to make them by next winter lol.

This is the most delicious looking yarn from greeneyedmonsters :) Looks like a tasty tangerine!

These are from homelab! I have loved these for awhile now! Too bad I live in FL! I take that back, I LOOOOVVVE FL!

Also today BeanTownandMade is having a sale! These pups are too cute in these knits!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Peetees Teepees

This is a doily! Andrea for future reference, there you go! This is a lovely doily throw made by the Red Velvet Girls! I haven't collected enough doilies to start mine yet, but I'm working on it! :) I can then use it as fancy net lol.

I started my Hide em Here Journals! I'm excited about them! I have a total of three, so I think I will paint one, embroider a second, and maybe some fabric-ness on the third. Not totally sure yet!

So many colors! I am going to use them all! :)

My sister and brother saw this movie together, and absolutely loved it! So I ask my mom and grandma if they wanted to see it with me! It was sooooo wonderful! It's a cross between The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland + some creepiness. Two of my most favorite books/movies! Go see it! Trust me! :)

During the movie I decided I am going to make my sister a Lauren Coraline doll. Watch the movie and you'll think this is sweet/creepy ;) What color buttons would you like?

My Red Velvet Girl craft class had a teepee project this weekend. I have zero use for felt teepees, so I thought it would be fun to make teepees with my lil cousins! And it was a hit! Lolo and Robbie made super cute teepees, or peetees as Robbie kept jokingly calling them.

Just look how awesome their teepees turned out! Now let me tell you these are fun for kids to decorate, but there's alot of hot gluing and machine sewing, so an adult is needed.

The kiddos did an awesome job! They are very clever ones!

Oh this is just Mickey and Max begging for the Bux. (bux=starbuck) Rotten lil pups!

I got to end my weekend with the tastiest icecream, Smurf! I love anything chocolate (that's what she said jk), but Smurf is the BEST! I wonder if I'll ever grow out of it? Probably not, hopefully not.....

Here are some questions from my Red Velvet Girls online craft class: I thought I'd share my answers with you! Plus I want you to leave your answers in the comments!
1. favorite recent purchase? I was able to find 6 yards of Kaffe fabric on sale for my stack em wackem quilt!
2. favorite album (for creative purposes, of course!) Does The Office opening music count? :)
3. favorite crafty snack? Venti Carmel lite Frappuccino no whip + 2 extra shots of espresso!
4. what time of day do you feel most creative? Night (only time i can be!)
5. what is one skill you hope to develop over the next 8 (or 7....) weeks? Ummm I want to do some knitting - I don't think thats in the class, so yo no se.
6. Starbucks drink of choice? (well, it doesn't have to be from Starbucks.. we are just big fans. :D) Venti Carmel lite Frappuccino no whip + 2 extra shots of espresso!
7. secret inspiration sources (do not hold out on us!) Oh man! Well everything I come into contact with! Let's see blogs, mickey, the blue in the sky, our moon, colored glass in the sun light, the paper to be recycled at work! I mean there's alot of stuff that gets me thinking.
Now post yours!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

A wonderful day!

Pop comes and visits work every Wednesday! He is kinda a cranky fellow til you realize he has a heart of gold! He goes to the thrift store all the time! Sunshine Thrift Store - Senior Sundays 50% off! ;) Well I asked him if he ever sees any quilting books and tada look what he brought me! I was soooo excited A- that he thought of me and B- I love quilting books! I felt very special! It was a very nice surprise!
Love the stars!

More exciting happenings - eyeroll! My frog, technically he is an African Clawed Frog, and lives only in the water, jumped out of his tank! Yes he was trying to escape! I heard a crazy noise near the tank, but couldn't find anything out of place! Than my mags yells, "Where the frog!" Great! So I'm looking and looking, being a super duper scaredie cat that the frog is going to land on me. I see this gross lil white mush in a large glass under the tank! He managed to land in a glass! He was totally fine lol. He and the gold fish were out growing their tank, so my parents gave me a HUGE tank as a bday gift! Tonight I moved the fish and frog to the gigantic tank! What an ordeal! But I did it! It's not totally finished, but the water is perfect and the silly frog cannot escape! Knock on wood! Oh just a gold fish and frog in a 30 gallon tank, geez, both are too aggressive to get any other fish.That frog is a trickie fellow! And my gold fish is alil fatty, who gets stoked if you go near the tank because he thinks FOOD FOOD FOOD!
I'm taking alil weekend trip to see my wonderful siblings and Andrea! Very excited to see them! Not everyone is so happy - Mickey! He is staying with Mags. He hasn't left my side tonight lol he knows!

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