Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Wonderfulness

The highlight of my weekend was this thrifted Mickey look alike cookie jar!!! 
My aunt Jackie, and Nanny, and I went to lunch Saturday and then hit the antique shops. I found this jar for 50% off so I was stoked! Look at Mickey posing with it lololol!

I spent time with my favorite kiddos! I'm about 20 years older than my cousins, lol they are more like nieces and nephews! We made shrinky dinks, they were so excited about it!
We got together for Lex's 13th belated birthday! We had cake and JELLO!! Oh yes, that's right I tried again with the rainbow jello. This time I borrowed my aunts bunt pan, and it came out better! 
Here's a ps: no one really eats the jello lol everyone likes to look at it, but no one eats it!
Here are some embroidery pieces I finished this weekend!

I made this iTouch cover for Lex's birthday! 
Since I've been doing so much embroidery I thought it would be a good idea to unknot all my thread! Knot fun! Those lil knots are tricky, a few times I gave up and just cut the thread!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

I obviously really really really want this! I rarely wear jewelry but I would for sure wear this! And there's more!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Stoked!

On my daily blog list is the lovely cupcake perfecter, Alicia!
Alicia held a giveaway and guess who won -ME!!! I'm so stoked!
Look at the awesomeness I win - Lino cupcake card! Mine are going to be orange, because orange is my most favorite color! Jessy won too - she's my newest craft swap gal!
Now I've found a new craft I would like to try - LINO! Tell me this doesn't look awesome!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If I had a zillion dollars......

....I'd buy a house, but then I'd buy all this :)

The one above reminds me of Sookie from True Blood!

All these cute items can be found on

I currently embroider things, but I've never learned different techniques, so I need this book!

These buttons remind me on Coraline!
I would like a whole Christmas tree decked out in robots!
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Treasures at Nanny's (part 2)

I have a small collection of antique pin cushions. Nanny gave me this lil birdie pin cushion! Pretty cute right!?

Rick Rack FOREVER!!! Here is a heads up for family and friends - you will be receiving a crafted something/gift with rick rack because I now have about 50 of these lil guys!

My Nanny has at least tried every craft! She has so many different supplies! Since she has a more active social life than most of us, she doesn't have time to sew, needle point, or crochet, so she let me have some of the craftiness!
I'm wanting to learn to crochet. Do any of you know a good tutorial? Or have any pointers? Like why are the crochet needles so many different sizes? Please let me know!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

End of the rainbow

On Julie's blog I saw this amazing Jello mold cake! I thought I'd try it. It is a two day project, or more if you do it correctly, which I did not lol. I didn't follow the ROY G BIV colors - first mistake.  I don't think I left it in the frig long enough - second mistake!

But it actually looked pretty cool (not as pretty as Julie's) and tasted really good - for hooves ;)

I'm going to try again, and read the directions!

I want to get sand pales shaped like castles, and make a jello land for the kids in my family for Halloween! Wouldn't that be soooo neat! Then they could just dig in and eat it all up!
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Treasures at Nanny's (part 1)

I love going through my Nanny's craft room! The lady has crafted EVERYTHING! 
She teased me about this doll. I apparently loved this doll and even tried to cut her hair! Very scary! Oh man and below is my Aunt Jackie on velvet! I love going through all this stuff! Oh the treasures we found! These pictures were iPhone pictures, so they are kinda crappy. The wonderful thing about an iPhone is I took this picture and instantly emailed it to the rest of my family because it is so hilarious!

My Nanny liked to do ceramics years ago, so they bought a kiln! They were a big crafty family. They hooked rugs, sewed, my grandpa carved - I hope when I start a family we'll be this way!
 Oh and there is sooo much more. I just asked if she had any crochet books or supplies, and she gave me 20 things of yarn and a huge bag full of supplies! I <3 my Nanny soooo much!
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teamhate <3

Originally uploaded by becksorange
Lovely title right? Anyways, I finished this whole panther over the weekend! Robert drew it, and I decided to embroider it! He drew a bunch of these rough n tumble tattoos, and my new project will be to embroider them all! I embroidered this one then painted the black and grey areas!Pin It

Friday, August 21, 2009

Right around the corner

Fall is coming and that means Halloween is coming!!!
Phil Lumbang's Bear of the Dead! I want this!
 Nov. 1st in the Day of the Dead.

My aunt called me to tell me about this skull fabric! (The website is NOT user friendly!) She's the best! My never ending graveyard quilt always needs bright skull fabric, so she's always on the lookout for me!

What are you all doing to get ready for Halloween? I just sent my family a mass text asking what this year's costume theme is going to be!! I can't wait to hear their ideas!
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Oh man more strink'n! Once I started I couldn't stop! I realized there is no real use for these, except for kid's zipper pulls! So I made every kid I know a personalized zipper pull! They can use them on their backpacks! 
I used my phone to show the actual size of the shrunken dinks lol
I used Red Velvet Art's embroidery drawings from the last RVA class for a few dinks!
Here is my mess! I need more room, or a room just for crafting!
You can see how much they shrink, the dunny in the background was the original size.
And I couldn't forget Mickey! Here's more pictures.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainbows & Stars

Today I was reading through my daily blogs and saw this!
I was amazed! I really want to try and make this! 
Julie gave these directions. I found this too. I don't even like to eat jello! Aren't there horse's hooves in jello? -yes!
But these look so pretty and everyone (else) loves Jello!

I also found these beautiful constellations by Miniture Rhino!
I just think these are incredibly clever! 
I rarely see embroidery done on dark fabric. 

Orion, the hunter above!

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Wood Donkey Dunny

Whomp whomp whomp!
No go on this 8 inch dunny! Out of stock!
It's ok I have my lil Money Cat dunny so I'm good ;)
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keep Smiling

I woke up today so happy and surprised it was already Wednesday!! It was the best feeling! More often than not I wake up and think NOOOOO when will the weekend be here! But not today! Today is good!
 The weekend is almost here, that means craft show, tattooing, seeing friends, & family birthday party.
The day was made even better with some wonderful starbucks!

Thought I'd share this thread picture because it makes me smile!

Last night was not a smiley night, I was trimming Mickey's nails and I made him bleed :(
I cut one too short! I felt so terrible, I wrapped his lil foot up and carried him around lol he'll live! Here he is pouting!

Smile because the weekend is almost here! In the comments tell why you have something to smile about!
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