Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On a roll!

I finished my Witch & Owl Halloween embroidery - woowhoo! 
It's for a swap with this lovely lady!
I'm so excited to send it on to her! She made me my awesome Mini Mickey!
I would like to name this little witch, Amelia, from the Sookie Stackhouse Series! Read it!!
For all you OWL loving gals!
I think the petticoat is the best part! I'm going to embroider a little lamb with the same French knots, look at me using embroidery lingo! I bought that Embroidery Effects book by Sumblime Stitching and now I'm learning, it's a French knot, but "those lil knots".
Just a little picture of my super cute Mickey boo! This is his sad face, because I can't embroider and pet him at the same time - whomp whomp whomp!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everyone loves a giveaway!

Especially this lil gal's giveaway!

Katja makes EVERYTHING and she makes it all CUTE!
So cute!
I love the lil iPhone case! If you do too, go to her blog and sign up! Also go to her etsy, because even if you don't win you'll still wanna buy her awesome stuff!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dunny <3

I got you! I know you all are starting to looooooOOooove dunnys! You know why because they are awesome and a mystery, who doesn't love a mystery?! Blind box toys in general are just fun!
Here's a few more dunnys from series 6 I now have! Plus that first one there is a chaser, which means it's more difficult to find! I got it!
Just look at this guy! Cute........ and then he just gets cuter!

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Skeletons with heart!

My cousins and I made glow in the dark skeleton tees over the weekend!
They loved it! Plus they played with glow sticks in the pool - alot of fluorescent dye - yikes!
In honor of our skeleton evening I made skeleton bone cookies and pink hearts!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Puppy love

I'm a big slacker when it comes to doing the projects from the Red Velvet Art classes!
But last night I made the Embroidered Text Pillow project! I'm going to give it as a bday gift!
The photos are from my iPhone, I forgot my camera at work.
Ok so two of the projects down, like five that I haven't started, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend! I need to get crafting, because there are 7 family/friend bdays in October! Crazy huh? But I'm really looking forward to all of them and HALLOWEEN! What are you all looking forward to?
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mickey meets Mini Mickey

Oh man, yesterday I received my mini amigurumi Mickey in the mail from Karla!
It is the cutest thing EVER!!!!
Thank you soooooo much Karla! I love it! It is amazingly cute! She created the pattern and everything! Go to her etsy and take a peek! All the Halloweenies are so precious!
But Mickey does NOT! lol He wanted to eat the mini Mickey! Of course didn't let him!
She also sent me all these awesome Halloween treats!
Thank you again!!!

This is the Halloween embroidery that I am making Karla! I found this old Halloween postcard (well a bunch, thanks to my uncle) and I loved them all, but this was my favorite! Plus Karla loves both witches and owls, so how perfect is this! I can't wait to finish it! Soon! Before Halloween I promise ;)

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Speaking of cupcakes....

......all you cupcake gals; Alicia, Jess, Julie, need all this from Johnny Cupcakes!
Plus it's one of my most favorite put together sites! It's way cute!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks Cupcake ;)

This cupcake book is great! There are so many really neat ideas in here! All you cupcake gals need this book!
 Plus the white lil pup on the front looks just like Mickey! So Farley family, no more Jello! Now you all have to eat cupcakes FOREVER!! deal!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

A yellow rose tattoo for Nanny

Today is my Nanny's birthday! 
I am in the process of making her an embroidered yellow rose tattoo!
Here's the story behind it: I was 18, it was Christmas day, I told my whole family I had got my first tattoos, and they all freaked and were pissy at me for the rest of the day! But not my Nanny! Why because she's the sweetest person I know! She told everyone she use to want a yellow rose tattoo, which shocked everyone! If she really did or didn't isn't important, because she make everyone calm down and made the day much better for me!

I just love her so much! I wish I could take her to get a real one :) maybe next year!
Don't worry, Nanny doesn't go online, my uncle bought her a computer, but she gave it back lol Oh Nanny - so posting this won't ruin the surprise! 
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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love scary and spooky, but Halloween can be cute!
Gotta keep it cute for the kiddos! 
Look at these lil glow in the dark ghosts by joojooland!
Karla the Itsy Bitsy Spider made the cutest Boo Whooo knit ghost and owl!

I obviously need a pair of these Frankenstein mary janes! Size 7 please!
I love love these witch's teeth candy from My Paper Crane!!! I can't wait til October 1st, when she has her shop update!

These are over at spoonflower! I've always wanted to make my own fabric, just haven't got around to do it! Have any of you ever used If so link me your fabric!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Note to my dad:

Please make me this!! My dad checks my blog everyday, and it makes me so so happy! He is an awesome handyman/craftsman/woodworker, so..........MAKE ME A WOODEN DUNNY! Please!

pretty please!
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Happy Camper!

I finished my Happy Camper embroidery! It is for sale in my etsy shop!
I really love it, airstream campers are just so cute! Growing up, my best friend's grandparents had one in their backyard, and we would play house in it all the time! 
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RVA Embroidery Hoop Mini Album

The Red Velvet Art Classes started yesterday! I made the first project, an embroidery hoop mini album for my sister, Lauren! She recently moved to Nashville, which is 12 hours driving, from Tampa, and I miss her soooooo much! Plus her birthday is in October, but I'm of course sending this to her early! I used some of the buttons Carly gave me, they were perfect!
I'm not huge into scrap booking, like at all, so I didn't decorate the inside very much! But why would I need to, look how pretty Lo is! 
I used a bunch of different materials to make this little hoop album, what a mess :)
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Red Velvet Art Classes start today! I can't wait to make the first project!
Hey if you're in this class leave a comment, so I can get to know my classmates! Also leave a link to your blog if you have one please!
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Things I <3

Dunnys, Munnys, Heros & Heartbreakers oh my! I do love vinyl toys, even if I'm 26!
This shirt from Kidrobot is way too cute!

I love this heart spoon from OAK in Boston! Next visit to Kris I need to go take a peek at this place!

I maybe too short for a skirt like this, but a girl can dream right! I love it!
Look a Mickey pup! I always see this cupcake book! Do you cupcake gals have it? Is it any good?
This is my FAVORITE! My sister teases me for loving animal print, but I do, I love it!! In small amounts of course, or a whole room lime green with leopard print carpet! Either way!
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