Friday, February 26, 2010

Things I ........

I'm in LOVE with these vintage letters! I found them in different etsy shops! It's a giant word search game via etsy. I'm thinking I'll take a 2x4 board, paint it red, and put these letters on it over the weekend. What do you think? 

I have lots of favorite things, and here's my newest favorite items - Letterpress letters! 
You may not know this but I work at a printer - very glamorous I know. And my dad works at the newspaper here locally.  Neither of us are actually printers, but wouldn't it be neat to have an old letter press!? So I started collecting the letterpress letters for my -fingers crossed- letterpress one day! Etsy is filled with wonderful letterpress letters! 
This letterpress drawer is awesome! 
So different from photoshop and fancy fonts. 

I really think these mermaid book ends from Plasticland are perfect!
Isn't this cake carry so pretty! The top saids, "Everything is better with frosting!" 
I don't like frosting, but I know that many people do! This is over at Plasticland too!
I found this on etsy during my little lamb search! It's a death moth felted pin, you may remember it from Silence of the Lambs -Chelsey this will be your one for today! The really death moth has a skull shape design on it's back - pretty amazing. My great aunt wears bug pins on her shoulder (she's a nut ps) maybe she would love this!
And these - I thought of my brother when I saw these, the texting king! When he's home his cell phone is NEVER quiet. He's a charming fellow, what can I say! Danny I need to make you an STFU one :) I love you and miss you!

Have a wonderful weekend! 
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank you!

Yesterday I received some very wonderful mail! My best friend, Kris sent me this beautiful knit headband! She was wearing one the last time I visited her and I wanted it!! Being the best friend she is she bought me one for my birthday! Thank you Kris, I love you very much!
She also sent me this lovely card :) (sorry to my aunts if the kids are looking at this lol)
Long story short, I rarely swear, and she has the mouth of a sailor (it's ok though because she's a SUPER intelligent lady, she has like 4 Master degrees from Harvard - no lie) and 6 years ago we were walking throw Georgetown in DC and her boyfriend at the time had an ex-girlfriend in town. Needless to say she was less than happy. The girl kept whining about eating or something stupid and I yelled out Well F*#k a Duck! It made Kris laugh and the whining girl shut it and the day was lovely! I found that F a duck cross stitch on flickr one day and emailed it to Kris - it made her day!

Kris is my very dear friend! We became best buds in our senior year of highschool, we went to college very far from one another, but constantly visited one another. We traveled around the world together! I am so lucky to have a friend like her! I love her and her family so much! Thank you Kris!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wanna play lambs?

My little pup Mickey loves his lamb toys, it's weird yes, but whatever floats his boat. Because of Mickey's lil love of lambs I have developed a lamb love too!
Spring is right around the corner and look at all these lovely little lambs! 

Felted lil lamb! Now that I know the difficulty of felting I have a new appreciation for it!
Loveable Treasures on etsy you are my hero. Just look at these two!

Baby Lamb crochet pattern from LuvlyGurumi. I want to learn to make these, but I am very intimidated! Are any of you beginners? Where do I begin?

Little lamb key topper & German boy from heyyoyo! Can you tell I like this shop? 
I bought these awhile back, I kept the lamb and gave my brother the german boy. Danny is blonde and blue so I of course thought of him.

I want this so much!! littleshout your etsy shop is amazing!

Spring Mugs! So precious!

Birdielouvintage on etsy has THE cutest lil lamb!

Incredibly creepy lamb mask
We could all be lambs next Halloween - Mickey would be in heaven!

 Or you could do it the Farley family way - buy the butter already molded.

A butter mold of a lamb would be my fat puppy's dream!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


All of your comments were so encouraging, so I decided to give felting a go!

I figured why not make a felted Mickey. I pulled up some online directions by googling felting and used the Fuzzy Felt Friends book. Felting is tough! You just stab and stab the wool until you get the shape you want, but you MUST completely focus on the wool or you'll stab yourself for sure! This is a dangerous little hobby - I broke two needles! One flicked off onto the floor, I had to take a magnet and search for it, so no puppies or people would fine it. I found it thank goodness. Then the second one broke off inside the little felted Mickey! I wasn't 100% sure so I took a kitchen knife and cut him open lol I found it, but couldn't get it out. Even though he was cut in half I just stabbed the wool shut - pretty cool you can fix mistakes quickly!
So you continue to stab and stab. I made the legs, ears, and tail separate and just stabbed them into place. It is really tough and you must give it your full attention. There was a special on the History Channel about King Tut, which I've been wanting to watch, but couldn't because I didn't want to stick myself!
I used foam for floral arrangements - DO NOT do this! It turned the wool green. I found two unused sponges and they worked perfect! The needles are so delicate! After awhile I felt more confident shaping the wool, it took a total of 2 hours to finish this little guy!
I took the tiniest pieces of black wool to make his eyes and nose! You can stab the wool into any shape you want - this is pretty cool.
So here is my little felted Mickey - he was zero fun to make! But that's just my take on felting! You should still try it! The broken needles really annoyed me! I felt like I needed safety goggles for the flying needles! I stuck myself only twice surprisingly. Maybe I should have started with something easier than a dog. I will try it again, it didn't total beat me :)

So there you go! If anyone has ever made you a felted something - treasure it! All these ladies on etsy selling felted creatures must have the patience of saints!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Lauren,

This is why I call it the Carnival Crocheted Blanket!
 See the ferris wheels above -similar right!?
Little Pumpkin misses you a bunch!
 He's keeping your blanket nice and warm (& stinky) for you!
Here's some detail for you! I'm not really doing a pattern, just whatever looks good :)
Mickey misses you too! He just had to get in the photo.
Lo, I miss you so much and cannot wait until you come home! We can go to the Renaissance Festival, have a quilt day, get tattooed (jk Danny), wear our matching moccasins like when we were little! 

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Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
I decided to take on a new project over the weekend, felting. My aunt Jackie gave me the Fuzzy Felted Friends book last year for my birthday, along with a bunch of wool. I've never done anything with wool before so I'm a bit intimidated. I went to Michael's Saturday and looked everywhere for a felting needle, couldn't find it so  I asked 3 girls that worked there. So much for knowledgeable or helpful workers. One girl was on her iPhone and didn't look up even when I said Hello and nothing of them knew what a felting needle was, which is fine, but then don't even use context clue to help find it - FELTING, maybe in the felt section and NEEDLE, maybe in the needle section -NOPE they just struggled their shoulders. Dummies! 
So I went to Joann's and they were much more helpful and I think I found what I need! I bought a felting needle and a chuck of foam. Have any of you felted before? Is the foam from the floral section ok to use? And couldn't I just use a regular needle? I'm just curious.
I want to make a felted Mickey! 
And make some Easter felted bunnys, lambs, and eggs. Maybe a dunny too!
If you've felted before do you have any tips? 
The book is helpful, but I don't think it's for beginners. I can't wait to get started!
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Take me to the fair......

I have and will always love the fair, carnivals, and the circus.
So many colors, sounds, and smells! It's like nothing else!
We always went growing up!

These first three Carnival wonders are from Heyyoyo!
Her shop is perfect for kid party supplies or grownups, whichever!
Oh the duck game!
I think you couldn't loose at this game, maybe that's why our parents let us play it. All the other games, oh no forget it, $30 bucks for a bear -NOPE!

These photos are from my flickr. I missed the fair this year - whompwhomp.
I didn't miss the circus though!

More party supply ideas, 1 yard of carnival tickets from Wildheart515's etsy.
I do remember one year we (my siblings and I) won a tiny little goldfish at the school carnival and the next day we got a fancy fish tank and 5 other fish to keep him company!
Do you know why they all carnival glass carnival glass? They would give it out as prizes back in the day at the carnival. Pretty interesting huh? Now they give out toys with lead! Just kidding I don't know that for sure!
So once a year the nomadic crazy carnies come to town to brighten your day - go see em!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growing on the inside

House to Home part 2!
I was ACTUALLY cooking last week. I needed Oregano, and didn't have any! Kind of annoying when you're on a roll. So over the weekend I decided to make an indoors herb garden.
I asked my dad if he'd accompany me to Home Depot, because it's a bit overwhelming.
My dad never misses a chance to go to Home Depot :)
So I bought 3 different herbs; Basil, Oregano, and Cilantro. I bought an 18 inch rectangular pot, indoor potting soil, and some plant food. The plants I bought were pretty awesome because their pots were environmentally friendly, meaning they weren't plastic and you could just rip the bottom off and plant them.

I put the plants in the big pot inside the house because it was cold out, but I wouldn't suggest doing this because the potting soil is messy.
So after I planted them I read on Martha that you should plant each plant in it's own pot!
Oops! Oh well! Note to self - check before doing any thing!! But my Aunt Jackie planted an indoor herb garden and she used only one pot and she's a pretty clever one, so it's tough to say who's right! ;)
While at Home Depot I reminded my dad the last time I tried to grow plants I was 10 years old. He bought all the stuff for me and I was all excited. One of the plants we bought was catnip and we put the plants in pots on our old deck, and every morning I'd go out and every morning the neighborhood cats had attacked the catnip. My dad just laughed and shook his head.
Thank goodness he's a good sport!

So there you! Even if you aren't an amazing chef or in to making home remedies, the herbs smell really good and the green really brightens up the room!
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