Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway! -Closed

Remember the color changing horse in the Wizard of Oz? A horse of a different color!? Well this is a Blanket of a Different Color! It could be yours!
It's handmade by me!
I used 24 different colors of "I Love this Yarn" yarn. The size is 62 inches by 62 inches - perfect for a lap blanket! I really love it ps and never got bored with it like I sometimes do with patterned blankets!
Anyone, anywhere can enter! Here's how to win!

1. Leave a comment below
Telling me: Which is more important to you and why?
Courage, heart, or brains?
To go in theme with the Wizard or Oz, Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway!
I can't wait to read the answers! :)

2. Be a follow of Strumpet's Crumpets

3. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway!

4. Blog about this Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway!
(use the photo at the top for your blog)

I will choose a winner Friday August 6th!
And don't forget my I don't wanna grow up giveaway still going on!
Good luck and thank you so much for making this an awesome giveaway week!!
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i heart fangs giveaway winner!

The winner is Leila from Illustrated Ink!
I Heart Fangs Giveaway!
What you won:
1. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles - the fancy hardback one from Barnes & Nobles!
2. "Get Bit" hand embroidery by me!

Go check out Leila's blog!

I loved ALL your ideas for the Family Family Halloween costume ideas!! I'm going to blog about all of them next week and let my family choose their favorite!! Thank you soooo much!
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sonic Print Business Card Giveaway Winners

Hello Everyone!!
The 2 winners for the Sonic Print Business Card Giveaway winners are:

#3 Kjirsten!and #34 Brian!You both win 500 full color business cards!
Proof of the winners :)
Please ignore my rotten coworkers!

Even though you didn't win, you still get 20% off any printing you need! (*up to $100)
When you order put StrumpetsCrumpets in your order comments and you'll get 20% your print order! Easy as that! Order here!

Still more winning to come! Later I will draw the winner for the i heart fangs giveaway! ;)
You guys are the best!!! Hope your day is wonderful! It's Friday - thank goodness!!!!
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icecream for dinner

Do you sometimes have icecream for dinner? I sure do - sometimes several times a week!
One reason I don't wanna grow up! ;)
Normally, I'm a support local business goer, but I do love Cold Stone. Strawberry blonde is my favorite there! Second place would be chocolate with Reese's.
Last night I think I waited in line for 15 to 20 mins to get icecream - not lying!! Geez Thursday nights must be big icecream nights! But it was worth it.
Do you have a Cold Stone near you? What's your favorite combo?

Don't forget: today I will announce the winners for the free business cards and the iheartfangs giveway! Don't wanna grow up? Well signup then! Plus the last giveaway, the Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway is later today!!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strumpet's I Don't Wanna Grow Up Giveaway! - Closed

Giveaway #4 Strumpet's I Don't Wanna Grow Up Giveaway!
Because I don't!
I love DUNNYS, oh so much! They are the best to collect and now you can win one and start your own collection! This dunny is from the most recent dunny series; The Femme Fatale. The Femme Fatale Series was designed by ladies only! This kangaroo and baby dunny were designed by Alexandra Anderson Pretty awesome! Plus you will also win 2 iPads......of paper! :)
Anyone can signup! Just do 1 or all 5 of these!
1. Leave a comment telling me why you don't wanna grow up!
2. Be a follower of Strumpet's Crumpets
3. Add my Strumpet's Crumpets button to your blog!
4. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the Strumpet's Sew Cute Giveaway!
5. Blog about not wanting to grow up and this giveaway!

I will choose a winner Wednesday Aug. 4th! Remember there are still two giveaways below!! And tomorrow is my Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway! Oh and don't forget free Strumpet's bookmarks!
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Sew Cute Giveaway Winner!

You won all this:
Strumpet's Sew Cute Giveaway!
1. Lap Quilting book
2. Very awesome seamstress scissors
3. 2 sets of vintage buttons
4. I don't for the life of me know what this is called
- it helps you pick out contrasting fabrics :)
5. 4 rolls of vintage fabric (over a fat quarter each)
6. 3 spools of vintage thread

I'm so stoked you signed up and very happy to have found your blog through the giveaway!
Hope you LOVE everything! :)
You know we will all want to see your awesome creations ps
I want to Thank EVERYONE who blogged, tweeted, left comments, etc.!! You all are so awesome and I appreciate you SO much!!!!
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Strumpet's Crumpets bookmarks!
Just for fun! They sorta look Halloweenie right? I have Halloween on the brain! All your ideas for my family were great ps! I loved them! Thank you!

I will be choosing the Sew Cute Giveaway winner tonight! Fingers crossed!
Send me an email with your address if you'd like a few Strumpet's Crumpets bookmarks! You can find my email address in my profile! Hope your all have a wonderful Thursday!
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Strumpet Giveaways!

Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's Strumpet's Crumpets Giveaway! I named it Blanket of Different Color, like the horse of different color from the Wizard of Oz. I have used EVERY color yarn I have to make it! I can't wait!!

Oh and here's my helper!

Sew Cute Giveaway end today at 3pm Eastern! Signup before 3pm to win!

2 Winners will receive 500 free business cards from Sonic Print! Ends tomorrow! Signup!

i heart fangs giveaway ends tomorrow - signup!!!

Check back later today for the 4th Strumpet's Crumpets Giveaway of the week!
It will bring out the child in you!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i heart fangs giveaway - closed

Giveaway #3 - Strumpet's Crumpets I heart Fangs Giveaway!
Who reads the Sookie Stackhouse Series? Who watches True Blood? Who loves those other fake vampers who eat animal blood and come out in the daytime? Just playing!
If you watched True Blood this past week did you hear crazy Franklin call Tara a "wick little strumpet!" I got all excited when he said it! Franklin's completely nuts and I like him!

On with the I Heart Fangs Giveaway!
What you'll win:
1. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles - the fancy hardback one from Barnes & Nobles!
2. "Get Bit" hand embroidery by me!

So far I've been LOVIN' this week of giveaways! Have you?
Anyone, anywhere can enter! Now here's how to win! (leave an entry for each one you do!)
1. Leave a comment below telling me what you think the Farley Family (5 of us) should be for Halloween this year! We have themed Halloweens, and we need one for this year. We've done Oz Fest (wizard of oz), Circus Freaks, and Vampires! We love Halloween ps.

2. Be a follow of Strumpet's Crumpets

3. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this I Heart Fangs Giveaway!

4. Blog about this I Heart Fangs Giveaway!
(use the photo at the top for your blog)

I will choose the winner Friday July 30th!

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Buddy Bands

Look what came in the mail yesterday!!! Jordy's heart friendship bracelets for my brother, sister, and me! I really like them! I'm sending Lauren (lives in nashville) hers today and as soon as I see Danny I'll give him his!
They're tiny hearts - pretty awesome right!? Go get one...or two or three!
They reminded me of that Save By the Bell episode where they make Buddy Bands!!! Where's little ChelseyBell when I'm going down TV memory lane!?

So far there are two Strumpet's giveaways going on; Sew Cute and Business Cards, and today I will post a 3rd - this one's a good one! :)
I can't wait!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Business Card Giveaway -Closed

I am happy to announce this awesome giveaway! Every Etsy gal and guy needs business cards to help promote their shops right? Now you can get FREE business cards! How awesome is that!?
ps this is my day job, I moonlight as a crafter ;)

Free Giveaway of Premium Business Cards

SonicPrint is an online print company that specializes in Full Color Business Cards, Brochure Printing, and Postcard Printing. They have served businesses and designers nationwide for over 10 years with risk free printing and no cost proofing before going to press.

You can receive free print samples and 10% off coupon by requesting them here.

SonicPrint and Direct Mail What are they giving away?

2 Different Winners will receive
500 Premium Full Color Business Cards Printed & Shipped For Free!

2 x 3.5 - premium gloss cardstock
Full Color Both Sides
Free Shipping Included
Eligibility: US Residents ONLY

How to Enter: (4 Different Ways):

1) Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post. (1 entry)
2) "Like" SonicPrint on Facebook and post about the contest. (1 entry)
3) Add @SonicPrint on Twitter and tweet about the contest. (1 entry)
4) Share the contest on your blog or social network of choice and link to it at the bottom of this post. (1 entry)

Winners will be selected randomly using You can enter once with each of the 4 ways for a total of 4 entries.The winner will be chosen Friday, July 30th!

Oh don't forget the Strumpet's Sew Cute Giveaway is over Thursday so keep signing up!! Tomorrow's giveaway is going to be quite awesome too!

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Homeward Bound Betty Paper Doll

For sometime now I've loved this etsy shop; Illustrated Ink! I saw this paper doll mermaid on there and really needed to have it! Paper dolls are right there with friendship bracelets when it comes to childhood nostalgia! Though my paper dolls weren't half naked mermaids with tattoos, but now they are!!
So I cut out all the pieces, used a small piece of card board, and a thumb tack to punch little holes into the pieces. I used the little brads that were provided and put all the pieces together!
Tada! I like it so much!
Go check out her blog great blog! She's having a giveaway right now, so hurry!
And don't forget here at Strumpet's Crumpets it's giveaway week! Signup below for the Sew Cute Giveaway and check back later today for the next giveaway!
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Strumpet's Sew Cute Giveaway! -Closed

Hello All!
You guys are always so awesome, so I'm having some awesome giveaways for you!
Here is the first of my week long Giveaways! Get stoked! Every day I will have a new giveaway! You can signup for all 5! Friday will be the largest giveaway - a crocheted blanket!

Today's is Strumpet's Sew Cute Giveaway!
Once you win, you will receive all this vintage sewing stuff!
1. Lap Quilting book
2. Very awesome seamstress scissors
3. 2 sets of vintage buttons
4. I don't for the life of me know what this is called
- it helps you pick out contrasting fabrics :)
5. 4 rolls of vintage fabric (over a fat quarter each)
6. 3 spools of vintage thread

Anyone can signup! Just do 1 or all 4 of these!
1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite craft at the moment!
2. Be a follower of Strumpet's Crumpets
3. Add my Strumpet's Crumpets button to your blog!
4. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the Strumpet's Sew Cute Giveaway!
(ps I just got Twitter)

I will choose a winner for this Sew Cute Giveaway Thursday July 29th!

more giveaways all week long! :)
oh and don't forget Miss Carly Ann is having a giveaway!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

bff bracelets

Yesterday, I purchased 3 friendship bracelets from Justine and her sister! 3 heart friendship bracelets for the 3 of us Farley kids (I understand I'm not a kid, but forever I will be referenced as a Farley kid to my family and friends). I cannot wait to get them in the mail then give em to my siblings!
Last night, I got a bit nostalgic and made a friendship bracelet, just for fun! I have a mess of embroidery floss, so I quickly picked colors and made one! I used my bobbin thingie to hold the bracelet! Worked out well!
The one I made was short, perfect for a tiny wrist!
You should go over to Justine's blog and get a heart bracelet!
Oh and Monday I will be having a giveaway so get excited! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Double Trouble

Hey! Did you know right now at Starbucks, if you buy a drink in the morning, after 2pm your drink is only $2 bucks! Pretty good deal if you ask me!
They call in the Treat Receipt, and the Starbucks guy kept saying "Treat Receipt! Treat Receipt!" And Mickey was freaking out! You can't say t-r-e-a-t without him losing his mind! And guess who didn't have a treat! Thanks Starbucks guy! ;)
So the treat-less Mickey had to settle on a carmel light frappuccino with two extra shots - just kidding! Though he did lick the crap out of the lid - gross, but cute!
So go get your coffee and then have $2 coffee in the afternoon. :)
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

WIP - MyPaperCrane Quilt part 2


What do you think of my WIP!? I decided to use polka dot fabric in between the square rows, so it wouldn't take away from Heidi's wonderful fabrics and characters! What fabric should I use as a border? Any ideas? I was thinking I'm going to crochet a border too!

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World Famous Candy Sushi Chef

The Candy Sushi post was a hit! I asked you all to send me photos of your candy sushi and Amy sent me these! That's her son, the world famous candy sushi chef and his works of art!! How awesome!!! Don't you want some!? Thanks Amy for the photos, you're a very cool mama for making these with your kiddo! Send me more photos! I love them!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holy Moly!

I killed it in 4th grade making friendship bracelets, or so I thought! Look at this awesome heart friendship bracelet! I NEED one! :) I think that it just the cutest! I have a love of friendship bracelets ps. Go over to Here We Go (her sister makes them ps), who is consequently being featured on Freckled Nest! Go check out both!
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I had an incredible burst of energy last night! I guess I was tired of being sick! I sewed together all the MyPaperCrane fabric squares, I finished my fancy pillow cases (finally), and finished the border on the Optimus Primary Color Blanket! I was pretty stoked and now I can't wait for another productive night! Fingers crossed ;)
So I thought while I was showing you my fancy bedroom pillows, I'd show you some books I've started! Sudoku to keep me thinking, Charlotte's Story and Paradise for Sale are books on Florida, I still haven't finished Dead in the Family - Yikes! It's just not as good as the past Sookie books and maybe I'm Vampered out! Handmade Home and The Gentle Art of Domesticity are two WONDERFUL craft books - I highly recommend them!

More bedroom fun - That's what she said! by KatieKutthroat - This will NEVER get old to me! It's from The Office ps and I probably say it 5 times a day - at work, home, sometimes I want to put it in the comments of your blogs! This maybe immature, but I can't help it! I have to do it! - That's what she said!!! See haha!
Ok and lastly, I finished the border on the Optimus Primary Color Blanket! I used this book; Crocheted Borders, I did not make a fancy border, but soon I hope you have one to show you all!

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Need a gag gift for an Apple lover in your life? Get them an iPad.....of paper! Tricky tricky! Plus it's free shipping in the states!
iPhone cupcakes!! So awesome! I wish I knew how to use fondant.
Now this iPhone case is AMAZING! The detail is nuts!
Recently, I made an iPhone Birthday Card, you can grab it here and feel free to use it to wish someone a happy birthday! :)
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Darlin'

A few of you have asked me what yarn I used and more specifically what colors I used on my Mother's Day Blanket. My friend Molly's sister in-law is having a baby and I think these colors would be perfect for a new baby girl blanket!
I only use I Love This Yarn yarn, it's so soft! I've tried other yarns, but I can't do it! Sounds silly huh? I'm pretty sure I crochet incorrectly (my grandmother told me) if I crocheted correctly maybe I could use other yarns, but the way I do it the yarns rub my fingers. I Love This Yarn doesn't leave marks because the yarn is soft - that's why I use it!
Here are the colors I used: Hot Rose, Sungold, Antique White, and Coffee. Now you could just trade the Hot Rose out with a green or blue for a baby boy blanket. Or don't you generic gender colors at all, go with orange, orange is my favorite! I used about 3 rolls of each color for the blanket I made my mom. Email me if you have any questions! ;)

Thank you ALL so much for your very kind get well words! :)
I'm feeling MUCH better today! Thank goodness!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm siiiiick

I had a bad cold that turned into a sinus infection. I've never had one before and it's pretty awful! I miss checking all your blogs and blogging myself. I haven't been able to sew or crochet, but one afternoon I did watch Grey Gardens. My sister wanted to see it right when it came out and then Amber and Scott said it was amazing. It was indeed amazing - amazing that it's a true story!! Now I will warn you this is not a movie to watch when you are sick and can't leave the house, because after watching it you'll want to go out and do SOMETHING, anything, everything!! I watched the documentary first from the 70's and then the HBO movie Grey Gardens with Drew Berrymore. That's the way to do it; documentary then movie!
I hope you all are doing wonderful!!
I've been drinking tons of fluids, taking lots of medicines, and sleeping - fingers crossed I get better soon! Carly, your surprise in the mail make my weekend! Thank you so much! Lauren, I'll put both Grey Gardens in the mail for you tomorrow - you're gonna love it!
I'll be back to feeling better soon!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ikea fabric

I have this love/hate relationship with Ikea. Walking through Ikea makes me crazy! But I'll make that crazy walk to get some awesome Ikea fabrics! I purchased this fabric here from Ikea. More Ikea fabric love.
I knew what I wanted to do with it right away - cut it all up into little plushies!
I cut around the fox and picked out some Anna Marie Horner Flannel fabric I had for the backside of the plushie. I embroidered Rachel's name right on the fox, then sewed up around the fox, leaving an opening to stuff it! Tada! Quick and Cute!
This fabric had foxes, squirrels, and bunnies on it! Danny, the squirrels will be for you! I made the this sly little fox for my little cousin Rachel, whose last name is Fox. I love finding fox stuff for my cousins! More foxy stuff here and here.
Can't wait to give it to her! And I can't wait to make a few more!

I'm so glad everyone liked the Candy Sushi! If you make some send me the photos to post! I can't wait to see what you can up with! Oh and Hello! to the sweetest Starbucks gal who loved the candy sushi yesterday at the Starbucks drive thru! :) she's going to make them for her boyfriend's birthday! Pretty cute! Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
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