Monday, January 31, 2011

Strumpet's Crumpets Memory Lane Project

A few days ago I found my Lucy bear in my old room and realized I've had her since the day I was born. Kinda crazy because now that I'm 28. Lucy is the one thing I've had the longest! I took that bear EVERYWHERE! I tried cutting Lucy's hair, I'd make clothes for her, she'd go in the outside play house my dad built us, she'd go on vacations with us, I'd talk to her as if she was real, she was so important to me! My mom's mom gave her to me. Lucy is a GUND brand bear, but growing up I thought it was GUN, and I thought that was a strange name for a bear brand. I'm not sure why her name is Lucy, obviously I didn't name her, or maybe I did - Mags (my mom) will know, I'll ask her. When my sister was born, she was given the exact same bear, but we could always tell them apart because my Lucy was very beat up and still to this day Lauren's Lucy (because she named it the same as mine ;)) is so soft and perfect, where mine is a little ratty. Lucy trumped all toys. Just seeing that bear brought back all these great/hilarious/wonderful memories.....
...SO then I thought everyone should join in! 
Now I'm starting Project Memory Lane
Here's what you do:
1.Find the oldest, most important, most memorable item of your childhood - maybe a blanket or stuffed animal, it could be anything really.
2. Tell a little story about it and if you can take a photo, email it to me and/or blog about it yourself, and if you email me at
I'll blog about it right here on Strumpet's Crumpets!
3. Tell all your blog buds to join in!

So what do you think! Wanna join me on a trip down [Project] Memory Lane!?
 Let's keep the trip going all through February! Sound good! :)


oh and 2 other VERY important things:
#1 and most important - It's Amber's birthday!!!!!
#2 - don't for get the Berry Cute Valentine Card Giveaway!
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28th Birthday Celebration!

I just want to say thank you SO much to my family and buds for all the sweet birthday wishes ;) 
You all are the BEST! Mags (mom) made her famous lasagna - I ate so much!! Saturday night we went out to dinner and I took home this tasty little cheese cake!
Here are some photos from yesterday! The whole gang went over to my parents to eat and we did some skateboarding - with only a few mishaps! I got some SUPER crafty birthday gift in the mail from my awesome friends (I'll share them with you soon)!!! I'm so thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life! I have a feeling it's gonna be a good 28th year ;) 
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puppy Love

Look at Mickey, my crazy little Maltese puppy! He didn't leave my side today. It was pretty sweet! I love the feeling that this little mutt loves me no matter what! Pretty darn cute right!? Sometimes it's difficult to craft with him plopped right on my lap, but how can I push him off!? That little mug makes me SO happy!
Do your pets do this!?  :)
Hope your Sunday was a good one!
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Dinosaur World Birthday

Yesterday was an awesome 28th birthday for me! We headed over to Dinosaur World because I have seriously wanted to go for a very long time! It is the cheesiest place, but I LOVED it! Plus we got to take Mickey, so it was kinda perfect! ;)
Dinosaur World
The Boys ha!
Dinosaur World
Dinosaur World
Dinosaur World
Dinosaur World
If you live in the Tampa Bay area and have a kiddo or are a kid at heart, you should go to Dinosaur World!! Have you ever been!? Let me know! Here are more photos on flickr!
Today my mom is making lasagna for all the Farleys and Foxes to keep the birthweek celebration going ;)  ps my little Mags (mom) does NOT cook, so it's a HUGE deal that she is making lasagna! I'm so stoked to spend the day with my family and friends!!
I wanted to tell you all thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes and tweets and emails and cards!! You all are sooo amazing!! :) Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
I hope you are having a perfect Sunday! If you're crafting something cool for the Valentine Swap I wanna see it! Post your photos over at the Strumpet's Crumpets Craft Group! Oh also don't forget to signup for the Berry Cute Valentine Card Giveaway!! 
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dexter Kill Room Birthday Decor!

Today I walked into this at work - a Dexter Kill Room Happy Birthday Extravaganza! 
If you don't know how Dexter is then this post is going to seem very strange, but I promise Dexter is awesome and he only kills bad guys! We love Dexter at work, remember the Dexter Barbie Gift post!
This was all done by Daniel (good bud & coworker)! He's nuts!! 
Look at my desk and computer all wrapped in plastic!
 He even wrapped up my kewpies and dunnys!! The dead dunny was the best!
 This was the most awesome surprise ever!! 
A customer and the mailman came in and seemed a bit freaked out, neither had seen Dexter. Haha!! So Daniel took down the kill room plastic walls and I cut ALL the plastic wrap off my things -whompwhomp! But look at all the awesome orange balloons! Orange is my favorite! And look at this handmade Mickey balloon! Woot Woot!! 
 These were last year decorations from Daniel at the old office and then the year before that was dunnys. Thank you Daniel for always being SO wonderful! :)
Tomorrow is my actual birthday! I'll be 28!
Hopefully I didn't freak you out if you've never seen Dexter (if you made it this far in the post ha). You should watch it, I think it's on Netflix now, that's how my sister watches it! On a cuter note, sign up for the Berry Cute Valentine Card Giveaway!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Berry Cute Valentine Card Giveaway!

Want some berry cute Valentines to pass out at work or to your family!? Well here you go! And these are for kiddos too! There's 24 in a pack, which if you don't win you can still buy over on Strumpet's etsy shop! Everyone loves getting a Valentine! So sign up to win!

 Anyone, Anywhere can sign up to win!
Here's how you can win:
1. Just sign your name below and tell me what's your favorite Valentine icon - cupid, candy, etc.
Mine is a Kewpie ;)
3. Blog about this Berry Cute Valentine Giveaway
do 1 or all 3!
I will pick the winner Feb. 2, so get to signing up! 
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Dear Caffeine,

I love you so much! You help me through the day like nothing else! I probably shouldn't have so much of you, but sometimes I can't help it! You go perfect with everything; breakfast, lunch, and even dinner!
Caffeine For Breakfast
I love caffeine just look here!
Caffeine and crocheting! - there's nothing better ha!
crochet & tea <3

waiting at the tampa airport
At the airport
happy office <3
At work you make everyone happy!
he loves starbucks
Even Mickey loves you!
Thank you for being so tasty and wonderful!
Love, beck

Do you have a love for caffeine or are you anti-caffeine? I'm impressed if you are anti-caffeine! You're like a rare gem! Let me know!
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I Love Paper Crafts!

My sweet friend Amber emailed me a birthweek gift hehehe!! So sweet!! She gave me a PDF from Mibo Paper Crafts! Loved it so so much! Look at the little fox! I of course printed it out right away at my wonderful work Sonic Print, the best printing company ever! ;) 
Tonight I will cut and build the other 3 critters!
This little fox and other Forest Friends were designed by Mibo - go visit their blog and site!
 I love PAPER CRAFTS!!! I do! They are just so impressive! 
Thank you Amber for being so sweet and thoughtful! You're the best! 
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Valentine Giveaway Winner is......

Janel from Runs With Scissors!! WootWoot!! She won my handmade "Where Does Love Come From?" embroidery! I hope you love it and I hope it cracks you up every time you look at it! ;)
I chose the winner with the help of Daniel at work, not as cute as Eli, but he he'll do! haha! 
Head over to Janel's adorable blog - so cute!

Oh and because I'm in a lovey mood another Valentine Giveaway later today!!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's play dress up!

This Saturday is my 28th birthday!
 Sounds strange saying that, like someone else is, some 28 year old not me ha!
I love birthdays so much! My family has some fun stuff planned - can't wait! My sweet fellow is taking me out to a fancy dinner and I can't wait to play dress up!

 Modcloth is having a sale right this second ps, so go take a peek at all their awesome stuff!
Which of these three is your favorite? I really like the green! Though I really like the pretty pink one and the rose lace on dress below! So which do you like the best!?

 These two necklaces are just so perfect!
and maybe my most favorite MuchoMucho BuenoBueno necklace
We rarely dress up, so this will be so much fun! 
Pin It a box!

Head in a box! Not the other thing ;) geez!
So here's the story on this kewpie head in a box: 
My best friend, Kris and I were chatting away about wedding ideas. I said I wanted a traditional wedding cake with a bride and groom on top - I think that surprised her then I showed her kewpie bride and grooms wedding cake toppers and she freaked out! I love her so much and I LOVE when she freaked out! hahaha! So I decided to take it a step farther! I found a kewpie head on etsy and packed it up in a pretty pink box and shipping it to Kris! 
 Last night she came home to the head in the box and immediately called me laughed and screaming into the phone!! It made my day! She said I better understand that this doll head will be at my wedding haha! Along with the head I've been sending her postcards and photos of kewpies EVERYDAY! Oh Dave at work even made a cubee kewpie :)
 Here are a few examples! Plus the kewpies took photobooth pictures too just for Kris! Hehehe!
I created a whole Flickr set just for Kris' Kewpies here! Enjoy! The kewpies will keep coming until she agrees they're cute! And you know what I wasn't even sold on the Kewpie Cake Toppers, but this little incident has set that in stone! ha! ;)
 Any other ideas for creepy cute kewpies? Steph suggested a life size one! How awesome would it be if I was waiting at the airport with my life size kewpie (ps bc I'm visiting her in Boston soon)?!?  SOOOO awesome!! She has the BEST facial expressions! Okay so there's a peek at my goofiness and what my family and friends deal with on the regular ;) 

On a serious note: Today is the last today to sign up for the Valentine's "where does love come from" Giveaway! So sign up!!! 
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giant Custom Granny Square Blanket

giant grannysquare
Finished up this custom granny square blanket for Miss Larissa Bree! I do love the colors she chose! Of course I'm sad to see it go, but I sure am happy it's going to a great home! :) 
If you are interested in a custom afghan just shoot me an email here:

Hope your Tuesday is going great! Seeing these gators near our work has been the highlight of my day! Don't worried I stood back ;)  Oh and don't forget to sign up for the Valentine Giveaway
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Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend in the keys

(click photo to enlarge)
1. Sea Biscuits! We never stop at the Florida junk shops, but I thought it would be fun and it was! 
2. Plastic Flamingos! We have some in our yarn!
3. Look at all the pretty sea shells!
4. These were the alligator door handles into Zane Grey's Lounge area.
5. Me and my dad looking at boats with my mom and Brian.
6. Old glass balls used for holding up fishing nets - very cool!
7. Crocheting while riding in the car, while I counted gators on the the side of the road :)
8. The Safari Lounge - just stopped in to check it out. There were animal hides and heads on the wall, so my dad of course told the story of when I was 8 and stood with my hands on my hips at a gun shop yelling, "who could kill all these poor animals!?" Who could!? Seriously!
9. Saw this while we were looking at boats - I want a boat with a wheel like this, like a pirate ship! ;)
It was a very wonderful weekend with my family! I'm so thankful I'm so close with them! 
I'm glad to be home though, so much to do! What was your weekend like? Finish any projects!?
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Don't Forget the Valentine Giveaway!

This weekend was extra fun! We headed to the Keys with my mom and dad to visit family! I'll be back shortly with some photos and stories! I am glad to be home, they past two weeks have been go go go, but I'm not complaining! ;) Today my sweet friend Amber reminded me it's my birthday week!!! Woot woot! I like that she thinks like a Farley! We Farleys love a good celebration - why just have one day, when you can have a whole week!? ;)  Oh and I finished an afghan I can't wait to share with you!

Now don't foget to sign up for the Valentine Giveaway!  
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Friday, January 21, 2011

I LOVE Fancy Tiger!

Told you I'd show you all my awesome loot from Fancy Tiger and here it is! 
Of course I grabbed their business cards (it's what I do), they had a whole ROY G BIV rainbow of business cards! Very awesome! 
I got some yarn to make more fingerless gloves (I'll explain the doll heads later)! I loved all the fabric there, but I picked the panda for a special project! Got a bunch of new peacock patterns! A pom-pom maker - wootwoot!! And this cool felt ball maker! It's in Japanese, but no biggie, a fellow at work can translate it for me! I know that's a lot of stuff, but who knows when I'll got back - a whole year is a long time!!! ;) Fancy Tiger is seriously the best craft shop I've ever been in! I wish I was closer to it!

Oh hey! Don't forget to sign up for our Valentine Giveaway
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Out West!

Last week we headed out to Breckenridge Colorado for our 2nd annual snow trip! So much snow! 26 inches in 1 day!! It was so amazing for this Florida gal and guy! It was a pretty perfect trip! Here are some photos from our trip! Breckenridge is near 10,000 feet about sea level! It was quite the adventure!
his & hers
Now to the craftiness! I'm not the best snowboarder, so one day I got to go around town while my crazy fellow and family went up to the black diamonds! (Did not mind at all ps)!
handmade cowl
I made a cowl in just a few hours thanks to tasty Starbucks and yarn from Tea Time Quilting & Stitchery! If you are ever in Breckenridge you should check it out!
Magical Scraps Shop
I also stopped into Magical Scraps in Breckenridge. It's a super cute handmade boutique! They have lots of handmade baby stuff - hey friends - I need you all to start having babies please so I can buy you awesome handmade stuff for your kiddos!!
We ate a ton, one of our favorite food stops is Lucha! I even tried skiing, which I haven't tried since I was 12! I was so much more scared on skis than I was on a snowboard! Then it got so so cold and it was time to head home! We made the 2 hour drive to Denver, but had a bit of time before our flight, so I googled craft shops in Denver and found this amazing place - Fancy Tiger! I could have stay in there for hours and hours!! So awesome! So much yarn! So many wonderful fabrics! Great Japanese patterns and gadgets! I am in love with Fancy Tiger! I was giddy after leaving there! Can't wait to show you all my goodies from Fancy Tiger!!
Oh hey did you know you can take these on an airplane? Because you can, well maybe I didn't ask, but I used them on the plane. They aren't sharp really. So yes to hooks that could create a bloody puncture wounds, but no to a full size face wash - that's a no no! ;) Actually I respect the airport rules and I think it's neat they Xray us - I wish they would take an iPhone photo of my Xray! Seriously!
 On the plane I crocheted ALOT!  Love plane rides for that reason and the ginger ale.
I loved Breckenridge, but I am so glad to be home where it's warm! 
Don't forget to sign up for the Valentine "Where does love come from" Giveaway!  
And head over to Tattoo Tales and check out her awesome Valentine Giveaway! Then just check out her etsy because you want everything in it! ;) Trust me!
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