Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lucky Number 7

There was no sleeping in this weekend! We were up and at em! Eli turned 7 and in 5 whole mins learned to Knee Board! It was nuts! He had never done it before and Brian gave him direction and a
 few pointers and BAM he was doing it perfect! I was so proud of him! Brian and I both got a bit of wakeboarding in and now my body hurts so bad! My muscles (or lack there of) are kinda pissed at me! ;) We hung out with Mickey and my sister all weekend too - it was perfect! We went to Tarpon Spring and the famous Sponge Docks for a birthday dinner! Then we lit some "Sparks" (sparklers) as Eli calls them. My sister and I spent Memorial Day at our aunt and uncle's quilting and cooking (I did not cook, I just ate the food ;)). Tomorrow I'll show you all the quilting photos and the awesome quilt my aunt Jax made my sister! Oh also I got a bit of crocheting in while I watch my new most favorite show Oddities on the Science Channel! Have you seen it? It's so awesome - I want to go to Obscura!
This guys my favorite!
It was just an extra wonderful weekend! I told my sister, "I know it sounds corny, but I'm so happy I have my best friend back!" It's true! This is gonna be an awesome summer I just know it! How was your weekend? Any birthdays?
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Old News Clippings

My sister and I found these Tampa Tribune article clippings last week. They're from 1966 when my grandfather came home from Vietnam.  Yesterday was Memorial Day, which is to remember soldiers who died in combat, thankful my grandfather, Ray C Farley didn't, but he did die very young from cancer more than likely linked to Agent Orange - used in Vietnam to clear the trees and bushes. He's a bit about my grandfather.
I love this photo of my grandparents, I have it framed at home.
 The article of course made me teary eyed, but also cracked me up at the same time. Look at the "except for the Kerosene episode," bahahaha my uncle drank from a soda can of Kerosene (very scary at the time, but funny to read 40+ years later). It was the 60's, apparently people left Kerosene sitting around.
 I can imagine how my grandmother was then - just as amazing and calm as she is today.
 These photos may be staged but they're sweet. They look so "All American"- guess that was the goal. 
Just thought I'd share these photos with you all! This is the complete opposite of the way Danny, Lauren, and I grew up - both my mom and dad were around all the time. I feel lucky and thankful for that.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zodiac Embroidery

I finally finished my second Miniature Rhino Zodiac embroidery kit! I made my Aquarius sign back in February. I loved it so much I bought Brian's sign (Cancer) from Miniature Rhino's etsy shop
You should also check out Jessica's blog about her super crafty life, kitty cat, and all around awesomeness! I love these embroidery kits so much! 
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puppy Love Forever

I have a 3 year old fat puppy named Mickey. He's probably the most rotten pup in town. He knows zero tricks, though when you say, "Wanna go to Starbucks?" he races to the door and he sorta gives high fives when he feels like it. He doesn't know what no means. He'll come right up to your face while you eat. He only loves lamb toys. He pouts. He LOVES treats and will steal them from older slower dogs. He's rotten to the core, just look at the 3 photos below, I was trying to change the sheets on the bed and Mickey would NOT move (this went on for 5 mins).....until I said, "Want a treat?" He raced off the bed and into the kitchen. I understand I'm just reinforcing bad behavior - good thing he's not a human kid right?! I love that little bratty dog SO much! His little face just makes me smile!
 Last week I got that little face tattooed on my arm haha! Along with "Fat Boy" because Mickey is very large for a Maltese pup - he's solid. I joke with Brian that we need to start saving now so when Mickey gets too old we can clone him - I'm only half kidding ;) 
So what do you think!? Do you have a completely crazy love for your pet? 
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eli's 007 Birthday Celebration

It was an awesome day! The kids played in the pool and went bonkers with the pinball games! The top secret agents built marshmallow guns! I found this cute blog with a great instructions for marshmallow guns - wootwoot! The birds and ants got a lot of marshmallows. The agents also finger printed themselves. I told them I hope this is the first and only time they get finger printed haha! We turned a boring soccer ball pinata into an AWESOME bomb pinata ;) All the kids got to swing at the bomb, but Eli blew it up ;) The kids also got to soak the all adults with invisible ink! Made some people nervous haha!
The cake was also a bomb - with red and blue swirls inside! Eli needed some help with the sparkler candles ;) After cake we saw our friend the gator in the canal - he's still small don't worry and he's more scared of us than we should be of him!
I know he knows, but Brian thank you for being completely awesome! I am also so so thankful for our families! We couldn't have done it without their help! You are all the BEST! 
I took a zillion photos yesterday- here are just a few of them
The day was so fun and completely wore me out - it was worth it! 
Certainly glad we have a whole year to plan another! 
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Eli's 007 Birthday Celebration!

Eli's 007 birthday celebration was a hit! 
We played in the pool, built marshmallow guns, beat up the pinata, play pinball - I think we wore everyone out! I'll be back later with lots of photos! Had to show you the photo of mine and Brian's families all wearing our sneaky spy 'staches! Bahahaha thank goodness they're good sports! I love them so much! :)
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Secret Agent Birthday Tunes!

Yesterday at work a customer asked if we printed CD Sleeves, and Paul (our veteran printer) said sure it's easy and showed me a sample. They are easy! So I decided Eli's 007th birthday needs some Secret Agent Tunes with their own CD Sleeve. So here's how I made it!
First I downloaded a bunch of songs from itunes. Then I used this template for a CD Sleeve and designed around it! I used the secret decoder squiggles over the song names - for fun! I printed out one to test it - cut it, fold it, and tape it together - it worked, so I printed more! Then I spent last night cutting them with an exacto knife and scissors, once they were cut I use a small crochet needle to score them so they'd fold nicely (I forgot my scoring bone at work). I used double sided tape to make them stay together! They honestly didn't take too long to make! I also printed/ cut out mustaches and sheets for the kids to finger print themselves! I know I'm going a little over board, but who cares it's fun! 

Here are the song I put on the CDs:
1. Inspector Gadget
2. Pink Panther
3. Get Smart
4. Scooby-Doo
5. Secret Agent Man 
6. Peter Gun Theme
7. Mission Impossible
8. Watching the Detectives
9. The James Bond Theme
10. Spy Vs. Spy
11. FBI (I Spy for The)
12. Austin Powers
13. Despicable Me
14. Dragnet
If you can think of any others let me know! 

 I figured a bunch of you gals are getting married and this may be an awesome parting gift for your guests - minus the decoder ;) But you could put your favorite songs on the CD and make an awesome CD Sleeve and it's something they'll actually use! Think about it! If you do decide to do it I'd LOVE to see the finished product! 

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Super Duper Weekend

My little sister Lauren graduated from Vanderbilt this weekend! Wootwoot! So my Nanny and I flew up to Nashville while my parents and Lauren drove! They drove so they could drive to the smokey mountains after the graduation -lucky ducks! So you'll notice there are no photos of Lauren haha that's because I took all the photos with my one camera and gave it to my parents to take to NC - whompwhomp! And there's no interwebs in the cabin where they're staying, so no photos! Lauren looked so pretty on graduation day! The rest of us looked like drowned rats because it rained all morning and we got lost walking around campus! After the graduation we went to Loveless Cafe to celebrate! It's this awesome lil cafe with the BEST pulled pork and biscuits! I want their biscuits everyday for the rest of my life!! hahaha! Seriously! Later that night Lauren, my dad, and I all bought cowboy boots bahahahaha who knows if any of us will ever wear them, but they sure are cool! ;)
I was SO proud of my sister! She's worked so so hard and now she's going to change the world :)
Cutest fat pup!
I was stoked to come home Saturday night! We got pizza and Mickey from South Tampa! Mickey and I hung out all day Sunday - crocheting, played lambs, cleaning, and planting cactus!
Miniature Rhino Embroidery!
I finished my second Cancer constellation embroidery kit from Miniature Rhino! I painted the hoop gold to match the Aquarius embroidery. If you haven't heard these are the cutest and easiest embroidery kits!
my Sunday
I made lots more grannies for a blanket for Brian and my bed, though I don't know if I'll use it for that because now I'm not in love with the colors! Who knows! ;)
And finally I put all Eli and my cacti/succulents into pots. I kept saying succulents and my sister told me that word weirded her out haha! I was gonna wait for Elias, but I felt so bad for the lil guys. They needed bigger pots and better soil, plus our families are coming over this weekend and who knows when we would have had time. So here they are! Eli picked them all out! :)
I love them all! Thanks to Amber and Olivia I now have this new hobby! I'm sure Brian thanks you gals too haha! ;) We actually planted some other flowers around the house too! It was a really awesome weekend! How was your weekend? Plant any new plants!? 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My ABC's

Olivia from Secretly Loves Pink did a ABC's post and here are mine!
Age: 28
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: all
D. Dogs: Mickey!
E. Essential start to your day: Caffeine 
F. Favorite color: Orange
G. Gold or Silver: Gold
H. Height: 5'4"
I. Instruments you play: None
J. Job title: a little bit of everything
K. Kids: none of my own yet, but Brian has a 6 year old named Eli
L. Live: Florida
M. Mother's name: Mags
N. Nicknames: Becks, beckster, beckles, Beck
O. Overnight hospital stays: tonsils when I was young and that's it
P. Pet peeve: Smacking when you eat - grossest thing in the world
Q. Quote from a movie: "As you wish"
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: Lauren who is 24 and Danny is 22 - I LOVE them both so much!
T. Time you wake up: 7:15 or 7:30 on weekdays 
U. Underwear: Cotton only
V. Vegetable you hate: Radish 
W. What makes you run late: everything, getting the boys ready, making breakfast, plucking my eyebrows
X. X-Rays you've had: right elbow - broke it on Mother's Day 
Y. Yummy food that you make: I don't like to cook, but I like to bake sometimes! Cookies, cakes, and muffins
Z. Zoo animal: Monkeys!

Now you do it! I wanna see! Leave them in the comments or give me a link to your blog! :)
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lauren is Home!!!!


My whole family is stoked Lauren is home, but I think Eli's excitement beats us all! I think I told him a month ago Lauren was flying to Tampa in May and everyday since we've talked about it. I love how much he loves her and vice versa! We designed and printed a Welcome Home Lauren banner at work today! Thanks Dave for cutting it out for us! Eli and I went to the airport a little early and waited and waited, he held the banner the entire time just incase! He melts my heart! Once we saw her Eli raced to her to showed her the banner! He helped with luggage and everything! We picked up Pei Wei for the family and lovely Lydie. It was an awesome night! And it's gonna be an awesome summer!
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Arcade Weekend

The things I do ;)
We woke up super early (earlier than a work day) to head up to an arcade auction in Orlando. We've been to a few times before so I knew what I was in for (see here), but it's still fun to me! Plus I get to crochet the whole way and Eli plays every electronic device we have til it dies. We didn't buy anything this trip, but I did love that little soldier candy machine. On the way home Pinball Wizard came on the radio - I happen to know one! ;) That Pinball Wizard I know has been collecting parts for that Star Wars arcade game up there. It's pretty cool and almost all together! It works too! Woot woot! Our cars are going in the garage anytime soon, but I'm totally ok with that. I love that Brian has this crazy hobby, so now my hobbies won't look so crazy! ;) Does your guy or gal have crazy hobbies? I'd love to hear about them! Please!! :)
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Mother's Day 2011

mags and danny
Yesterday was little Maggle's Day! Our Mags (mom) is the best! 
My Aunt Jackie made a delicious feast everyone!
Mother's Day Afghan
I have Brian's Mom the afghan for Mother's Day! She (not so) subtly told me she wanted one! She cracks me up! I thought Mother's Day would be a perfect time to give her hers! She facebooked about it! I don't have a facebook, but Brian showed me and it completely made my day! This is the blanket I made for my mom last year!
graduation quilt
My Aunt Jackie gave this quilt to Danny yesterday for graduating for FSU! She's been working on it constantly! She gets so worried she won't finish, but she always does and they're always perfect!

I hope all you mamas, aunts, grandmas, and big sisters had a great day!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Super Successful Crafty Peep Swap

header peep swap
In the beginning of Spring Amber and I decided to host the Crafty Peep Swap together! I just really love meeting new crafters (and catching up with buds) and making and receiving awesome handmade things! We chose the partners at random and this time I was partnered with Stephanie Kelly! She's a completely awesome, photograph taking, crafty as can be gal up in Illinois. I was stoked to be her swap bud!
This is my brand new, wonderfully handmade, fabric log from Stephanie Kelly! Please note the adorable orange hearts! Orange is my most favorite color ever! I'm using Stephanie's photos because I've had no good lighting for photos this week, I get home when it's dark and it's been rainy in the mornings. Plus she takes very awesome photos! I've been wanting to make a fabric log for while now! This lovely gift has inspired me to make a few more! Thank you Steph Kelly! I just love it! 
And I embroidered this SK for Steph Kelly! She has the cutest blog and the loveliest photos. I recognized the font on her blog and then it just clicked and I decided to make her this! It's one of my favorite fonts ps! 
This swap was an awesome experience for me!
 Steph is very sweet and very crafty, I'm so happy we got paired up!

As for the swap - I've heard a bunch of awesome feedback, but I have received a few comments saying you didn't get paired up, etc. I hate having to talk about this, but if you didn't comment and email then you may not have got paired up. There's a lot a gals that sign up and it's tough keeping track if you don't email. I'm sorry :( there will be a next time though! Do what I tell Eli, follow the rules silly ;) 

Now if you were in the swap, I want you to post your photos here at the Strumpet's Crumpets Craft Group on Flickr! Flickr is a free (to a point) photo site, if you don't have one you should definitely create one! You can do all sorts of great stuff on there.

I wish you all a very wonderful weekend! I'm so glad it's finally here! No work for two WHOLE days!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Secret Agent Birthday Invitations

The top secret birthday invitations are finished!
A few weeks ago I did a trial run, but here are the actual invitations.
Secret Agent Birthday Invites
Here's a little DIY for you!
What you'll need:
1. manila folder, which you'll cut in half
2. 6x9 envelopes
3. paper clips
6. red sticker paper for Top Secret Sticker (optional)
7. an awesome printer ;)
Secret Agent Birthday
First, I designed the invitation using the red squiggle PDF and I used a light blue font under that. Using the decoder to double check my work. At the end of the invitation it says, "This note will self destruct in 10 seconds!" So since I'm not sure how to make a note self destruct I just put a bomb image on the back (Eli's idea) and since I'm not awesome at drawing, I borrowed The Hundreds logos! I'm not selling them so I figured it okay! Then I found an old photo of Eli with a Groucho Marx disguise on and turned it into a polaroid with Secret Agent Cheaney across it! I printed the postcards and polaroids out at work. Then I cut my manila folders in half (8.5x5.5) and on a few I had to trim the ends so they could fit in the 6x9 envelopes.
Secret Agent Birthday Invites
Finally, I paper clipped the polaroid to the manila folder, added the decoder and note inside, and put the Top Secret sticker on the folder (Eli did this part) and all that went in the envelope! We sent the kids in the family their very own file! I hope the grandparents can read them! Yikes! I'm sure it'll be fine!
So what do you think!? The gang and I are stoked about them!
 I want to make up a game and use the decoders, any ideas?
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mourning Wreath

Here's a fun craft for everyone - a Mourning Wreath! 
Things you'll need for this DIY:
1. hair from the dead
2. wire to wrap hair around
3. your imagination
Crazy right!? That's human hair from dead people made into a fancy wreath. My aunt loves to collect odd things and this piece takes the cake for sure! Look at all the detail! It's pretty amazing!
 Here's Wiki's explanation:
A mourning wreath is a wreath made almost entirely of human hair. During the victorian era death was common. When a loved one would pass someone would clip a piece of the deceased's hair and usually make a beautiful flower design out of the hair and place it in a wreath. The wreath would grow larger as more individuals would pass from the family. Eventually the wreath would form a horse shoe shape symbolizing ascending to heaven.
I found this post on the Constant Gatherer blog about Mourning Wreaths.
I'm going to propose this idea to my family and see how they take it :) 
It's a bit creepy, but it also incredibly awesome and beautiful! 
I can't wait to read your comments about this one!! :) 
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Monday, May 2, 2011

May Paper Craft Calendar

The Curiosity Group has a new paper craft calendar for May! Meet May's Mean Tiki! April's was cute
I just love cutting them out and putting them together! I have a little collection on my desk at work! If I could I'd make paper crafts all day! Seriously. Do you know any clever paper craft sites? I'm always looking for good ones!
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My Little Brother is a FSU Grad

littlest fartley graduated
This weekend little Danny Farley graduated from FSU! It was super awesome and exciting!
We drove ALLLLLL the way to Tallahassee for 2 full hours of graduation fun. He then gave us 10 giant trash bags filled with clothes and went off to party! :) We all met up the next day at my aunt and uncle's house for food and fun! I'm so proud of him! Now he just needs a job - any takers!? ;)
Me & Danny
The graduating isn't over yet! In a few weeks we're all going to Nashville to see Lauren (my sister) graduate from grad school at Vanderbilt!  Wootwoot! It's gonna be an awesome month!
Any of you have family that graduated from these two schools? Or any new grads in the family!? Congratulations to them!! Oh and big high five to Obama too!! 
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