Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Weekend

It was a stay at home weekend! I don't mind, sometimes I feel like we gogogogo! I went to a few book stores in search of a certain magazine; Mollie Makes! Finally found one at Barnes and Noble - pretty stoked! Mickey and I cuddled a bunch this weekend ;) We ate pizza from our favorite pizza place, build legos, watched Iron man 2 (is he really a super hero? no!) and crocheted!- it was good!
Sleepy head
This photo pretty much sums up the weekend! :)
Hope your weekend was a good one!
PS - I want to live here! and I LOVE Holly haha!
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Many Mini Mickeys

hi! So many of you know I'm a bit nutty when it comes to my pup Mickey! He's my little love! I also have many crafty friends who feed my craziness! I appreciate them all so much haha! The other day I finished my Mickey-like amigurumi, so I thought I'd round up all my many mini Mickeys!
hey mickey
The first paper Mickey is Steph Dillon's ADORABLE Mickey illustration! Can't even tell you how much I love it, plus she sent it to me in the sweetest way -she's just the BEST! The second little fabric Mickey was made by Dana from Wonder Forest, she has a maltese pup too! The third is the amigurumi Mickey I just finished. The fourth is a felted Mickey I made awhile back-from that I learned felting is tricky and a bit dangerous haha! The last crocheted/amigurumi Mickey was made by the amazing Karla from Itsy Bitsy Spider! It's completely perfect! Aren't they all so awesome!? I can never thank them all enough! Thank you thank you thank you! :) Here's some more Mickey fan art
mickey and the mini mickeys
Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! hahaha!
mickey and crocheted Mickey
He just cracks me up! Love this little mutt! I got him tattooed on me haha! We celebrate his birthday as if he was a person - don't tell him he's not! ;) The Fancy Lady made Mickey cookies for me once haha!
Here's some more Mickey Love! Oh and here on flickr!
Are you completely crazy for your pet?
Hope your weekend is wonderful!! 
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amigurumi Puppy Love

 Last week I started my lil crocheted Mickey pup! It was tricky without Olivia there telling me what to do every stitch haha but I did it! I followed the pattern from the book Ami Ami Dogs. The maltese didn't really look like my Mickey but I still made it. I got the eyes and nose from Joann's - nothing special. But I found this etsy shop with awesome eyes and noses!
 So tada! One little crocheted pup! I'm stoked about this amigurumi business haha - makes my fingers a bit sore, but I love the finished product! 
I read this post over on SkunkBoyCreatures Blog, it's a really awesome post by a very awesome gal! I've been wanting to learn to crochet creatures for so long and never tried hard enough to learn, then Steph sent me a book all about it and I'm lucky enough to live near Olivia (crochet queen) and tada I'm learning - slowly but surely! 
What new craft do you wanna learn? I want to know! I want to set up a swap of crafts! For example recently I sent a friend a package filled with embroidery stuff so she can learn! Maybe we can partner up and send each other new crafts - It's not all thought out, I've just been brain storming so if you have any ideas let me know!
 I'd like to be as awesome as my dad at wood work haha maybe one day! :) 

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Jip en Janneke Baby Shower

My best bud is having a baby!
She spent some of her college time over in Belgium where she fell in love with Jip en Janneke. There are many Jip en Janneke books and toys, but the problem is (at least for us here in the states) they're are only sold in the Netherlands and the stores that carry them do NOT ship to the states - whompwhomp! Luckily I've found a way around that-that's all I can say for now! ;)
Here's a Jip and Janneke teaset my friend gave me years ago! I LOVE it!
baby shower Jip and Janneke
My friend's mom and I made the baby shower invites! She found this adorable Jip en Janneke image and I put together the invitation! Thanks to Sonic Print, I printed them right up and scores them, and her mom sent them all out! I was stoked about them! My friend has received hers so it's ok that I'm blogging about them! She just loved them! (I also sent her a fake invite with kewpie heads, because she hates kewpies)
I ordered the envelopes from Action Envelope, they're prices are awesome and they delivered so quick.
Jip en Janneke Baby Shower Invitations
I also found put together cupcake toppers with cute Jip images. Jip is the little boy and my friend is having a boy so no real need for Janneke haha!
jip cupcake toppers
Feel free to use the images I put together; invite and cupcake toppers.

I'm very excited about the baby shower! She's my first friend to have a baby and she's my best friend, so I'm super stoked! I'd love to see links to baby shower ideas if you know of any good ones! :)
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Crocheting like Crazy

I received the last of my squares from the Blogger Blanket Project hosted by the wonderful Courtney and Heather! I have lots of pretty granny squares to crochet together! They are doing a 2nd round if you are interested -  signup here! It was lots of fun! Here's some squares I made for the swap and here and here! I forgot to take photos before I sent all of them!
crocheted square swap
I've started to love crocheting creatures! Thanks to Olivia I made this monkey! And now I've started a Maltese pup just like Mickey! I have to change the pattern a bit to make him a tad fatter, so it can be JUST like Mickey ;) I got this book Ami Ami Dogs I while back because I really wanted to learn haha and finally I have! Woohoo! It's easier than I thought, but I still have a ways to go.
making maltese puppies
Wish me luck on this lil fat Mick!
new blanket project
And last but not least, I'm in the process of making a Thank You gift see above! There's a huge story behind it and I cannot wait to share it with you - but not yet :) But soon!
I hope you all have a fantastic, wonderful weekend! 
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How's the wedding planning?

What planning!? haha 
I never have time to think about planning our wedding! I tell Brian we should just elope! But I really want a party AND wear my dress! So that's my problem! 
I do think about it often and whenever I have a minute I Pin-terest all my wedding ideas! Here are a few below and a link to my board!

So will the planning bug just bite some day soon? I'm excited to marry my wonderful fellow, I just don't have the focus or time! I have some awesome ideas! I need to pick a date huh? That's be a start! Any advice for me?
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Adventures!

Me and the gang headed to Orlando this weekend for Game Warp! We collect pinballs and arcade games, so we're always up for an arcade expo/auction! We had family and friends meet us there!
It was a bunch of fun! Nerd fest 2011 haha used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer there!!
Game Warp Adventure
We did sneak out of the expo for a bit and hung out at the pool.
We raced back to Tampa for my Dad's birthday!!! I LOVE my dad so much! We went to S. Tampa's best Chinese Restaurant for a birthday dinner! They sang to my dad and it was hilarious- he got all red!
Larbears Birthday
Here's the boys at dinner! All so handsome!
Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday Larbear!! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Go on any adventures? I'm excited for next weekend - staying home and crafting hahaha! Seriously I'm stoked - there's no place like home ;)
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Creepy Cute Crochet

This was a group effort! Thanks to Steph Dillon and Olivia I have finally learned to crochet little creatures, well one little creature haha, but more to come! Steph sent me the Creepy Cute Crochet book, which is so awesome! She's seriously a wonderful friend! And Olivia walked me through building this little monkey. I learn best when I'm shown how to do it. If it wasn't for Olivia I'd still be lost haha! I'm stoked, I want to start a new creature asap! 

He turned out pretty cute - his ears are my favorite! His a bit fatter than the one in the book haha! I didn't have the plastic eyes so I used buttons - not great. 
So I wanna say a HUGE thank you to Steph and Olivia! :) Thank you x 100! 
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Oh hey! Long time no blog ;) 
I miss the blog world SO much! But I have been having some crafty fun IRL haha! Olivia, my sister, and I went to a quilt show in Dunedin a few weeks back. Olivia and I have been online friends for a bit now and finally met - I've never had a blind date, but I feel like this coulda been one! haha I was nervous and excited. We had a fun time - she's very awesome! We went to Rainbow's End Quilt Shop too, I got some Halloween and baby fabric- I wish I had more time to quilt!
 Olivia taught me how to crochet little creatures (Amigurumi) I'm stoked about it! I started the little monkey above. Steph Dillon sent me the book Creepy Cute Crochet - I've wanted the book for so long but never got it for obvious reason - I didn't know how to make them! Thanks to Olivia now I do! Wootwoot! 
 Mickey got a new lamb over the weekend, my sister, Lauren got Lasik eye surgery so Eli and I made her that eyeball card up there, I've started another blanket, and I got the new 8 inch Mad Dunny! 
I tested out my new chocolate molds over the weekend. Made some staches as you can see above haha! Eli looks hilarious in this photo! They were super easy to make - maybe a little bit messy - but pretty quick and cute! 

I've been loving Pinterest lately!  It's so perfect for collecting wedding ideas! Have you tried it out yet? I think you may need an invite to join-I'm not positive though. If you have one come follow me
I hope you all are doing awesome! I need to catch up on blogging!! I MISS YOU!! :)
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Friday, August 5, 2011

I heart tees

i heart tees
Here's a month or more of my favorite t-shirts! If I could I'd wear t-shirts and sneakers everyday!
Here's my tees left to right, top to bottom: 1. BlackOut Florida tee (now Palehorse design) 2. Thug For Life tee - obviously 3. Fancy Fox tee 4. Batman tee 5. Kidrobot tee - Toys Ease My Pain 6. Arty tee 7. Skunkboy tee 8. F is for Fox 9. Taken tee 10. Riot Kidrobot tee 11. Renown tee 12. Good is Great but Bad is Better tee
I heart tees tee
Thank goodness I don't have to dress fancy at work! Perk of an online company! ;)
Do you have any favorite tees? Can you wear them to work? 
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paper Dolls by Illustrated Ink

Remember my love of paper crafts!? Well this is my heaven! Leila from Illustrated Ink is an amazing artist - look at these paper dolls! You can get your own at her etsy shop!
I'm in love with the Sword Swallowing gal, she's my favorite!
Take a look at the Mr. and Mrs. LOVE em!
man and lady paper dolls by Illustrated Ink
I've had them for some time now, and last night I put them all together! I didn't want to be rushed putting them together! Last night was the perfect time! I'm trying to figure out how I should display them in the house - any ideas?
paper dolls
Last year I put together her mermaid paper doll -see here! She hangs up in my office still! So pretty!
Homeward Bound Betty Paper Doll
There's a few more doll I want from her shop - Illustrated Ink!! Any ideas on how to display them!? Let me know! :) Hope your Thursday is very wonderful!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kewpie Labels

Do you know how much I LOVE these!? Like ALOT! 
My sweet friend Jessy from Apparently Jessy knew! She always links me to the best stuff! Especially awesome kewpie stuff! She found these cute labels on My Poppet.....the blog. I 100% want to use these for my best buds baby shower - though she'd kill me because kewpies creep her out! You may remember this post! hahaha! I'm going to print them ASAP!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

August Paper Craft Calendar from The Curiosity Group

Curiosity Group August Calendar
I sure do beep bop boop, Robots! That's I love you, Robots in robot speak ;)
The Curiosity Group came out with the most awesome Surfing Robot Calendar for August! You can download yours here! July's was the cutest, at least the Domos thought so! I've been building these paper crafts every month for the past 8 months - I LOVE the Curiosity Group!
Happy August! My dad's birthday is in August! :) Wootwoot! 
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Get'n Lobsters

summer lobster trip to the Keys
Last week started Florida's lobster season, so the boys and I headed to the Keys!
I couldn't go out on the boat, which bummed me out ALOT, but Eli and I made the best of it and explored the Keys! We went to the History of Diving Museum which is very cool. I want Brian to go next time we're down there! The fellas caught 44 lobsters - that's nuts! There are very strict lobster laws(thankfully) and the guys followed them to the letter, but they did say there were people out there who were not, but there were so so so many cops out! It was a fun trip all in all and we'll be having lobster for awhile haha! Here's my instagram photos from the trip!
Have you ever been down to the Keys to get lobster? Can you get dive for lobster up north? Or is the water completely different? In the Keys the water is crystal clear, you can see the bottom from up in the boat-it's amazing!
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