Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Strumpet's Crumpets

creepy cute Halloween
I wish you all a very wonderful, creepy, cute Halloween!
Give out lots of candy to stimulate the economy - Candy vendors get monies and dentists get monies ;)
Can't wait to share all the photos from our Haunted Arcade Halloween Party with you all!
And I can't wait to see all your costumes and Halloween party photos!
Happy Halloween!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Goodie Bags & EyeBall Roses

Halloween is near
Getting ready for the Halloween Party this weekend! Got a bunch of Halloween goodies together for Hag Bags - witch goodie bags! I filled them up with temporary tattoos, vampire whistles, skeleton hands, candy, bouncy eyeballs, etc. Last year I made Witch's Broom Goodie Bags! And for Eli's class we made Trick or Treat Bags! And I made a beautiful bouquet of Eyeball Roses! Told Brian I'm going to use them in our wedding too - jk! ;) I wish I could have a Halloween wedding- Jk again - kinda!
What type of Halloween goodies are you making!?
Only 4 days til Halloween! Wooowhoooo!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costumes of Halloween's Past

As you may know I LOVE Halloween - very much! I thought it'd be fun and funny to share some past Halloween costumes me and the Farley family have sported! In no particular order.......
1. VampOween: We were all vampires!! Got on that bandwagon obviously! 2. 1930 Circus Freaks! 3. I went to a buds Halloween party and I had to be a dead person, so I was Jayne Mansfield! 4. Last year we were dead things, i.e. Mummies! 
1. One of my favorites from the first Farley Family Halloween Party, Oz Fest or more commonly know as the Wizard of Oz! 2. Oh yes, the year I was Cyndi Lauper!  Would that be the equivalent of letting your 5 year old dress up as Lady Gaga?! That's a real question! 3. bahahahaha Farley Kids - just funny! 4. A smurf! 
1. My best bud, Kris and I were Britney -during the Black Out album, when she was all a mess and Kris was Lindsay Lohan = Train Wreck Costume! 2. This year we really got into face paint! hahaha 3. Highschool years - geez, so creative I was a cat (eye roll) 4. Dr. Danny, Miss America Becky, and cute little witch Lauren!
We've had some good Halloweens!
 Thank goodness I have such an understanding and awesome family!
Thank you Farleys for always dressing up and being the best!

What was your most favorite costume you've worn?! Have you ever been in a group costume? I wanna know! :) 
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Halloween Eyeball Wreath

 One of my favorite little crafters over at Oh My Deer made the MOST awesome Eyeball Wreath and she shared her DIY with everyone! Take a look! I had to make one! 
While we were at Target one day, Eli saw the eyeball string of lights and I thought maybe I could add it in the eyeball wreath and TADA! It's pretty easy, you'll just need eyeballs, hot glue (burned myself pretty good with mine while making this), and a foam wreath.
Only 6 days til Halloween! :)
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paper Bat Flakes

Last Christmas Eli became little obsessed with making snowflakes haha see here! It's not even Halloween yet and Eli was asking if he could make some snowflakes haha -I hate saying no to any creativity so I thought we could make BAT Flakes!!!!!!!
 So I bought a bunch of that scrapbook paper in black and used these bat templates I found on Pinterest. I learned how to fold the perfect snowflake last year, here's my little tutorial - and I folded the black paper (you need a square - that's why the scrapbook paper was perfect) then drew just half the bat on the folded piece. I let Eli cut them out from there! They turned out pretty awesome I think! We also tried to make spiderweb too - those were a bit tricky! 
Let me know what you think of our Bat Flakes and if you make some I'd love to see your flakes! :) 
7 more days til Halloween!! I can't wait!
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Adventures

We LOVE a good carnival - as you may know! ;) 
We rode rides, eat funnel cake, and had a blast with our family!
I also got to take a second photo of Eli in front of the Scrambler ride, which is called Big Eli. I took the first photo when Eli was teeny tiny! Made my whole weekend! He's such an awesome kid! 
On Sunday we taught Eli how to use Twizzlers as straws and celebrated my uncle and moms birthdays! My aunt made the best German Chocolate Cake EVER!! 
 After the awesome cake we took Eli to the Bro Bowl of Tampa! Brian skated there as a kid, then it had different surroundings, but it was the same old Bowl. 
 Eli instantly loved it. He just wanted to get in it, but there's rules to skating - no snaking a spot in line! So he watched all the big kids skate and practiced on the sidewalk. Brian showed us he was still awesome and skated the Bowl! He took Eli around it a few time and it was very precious! We told him we'd take him again next weekend! :) 
It was a very good weekend! I hope yours was awesome! 
Did you celebrate any birthdays or learn sometime new!? 
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Local Art Show Coming Soon!

St. Petersburg Art Show Nov 6th 2011
Hey mark your calendars!! Olivia from OliveOh and I are going to be in A Holiday Affair Art Show! We're pretty stoked about it! It is the first art show either of us have done! So if you're local or local-ish please come by and say hi! We will have afghans, crocheted awesomeness, paper goods, hand sewn goodies, etc. Hope to see you there! And I'd love to hear from you veteran Craft Show Gals - if you have any tips for us that'd be amazing!! :)
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ROY G BiV Birthday Party

This last Saturday was Lauren's Roy G BiV birthday party! She was stoked!
Here are Lauren's ROY G BiV birthday invitations - I added a little card telling everyone to wear a specific color - see last photo for the reason why!
ROY G BiV Birthday Invites
If you're wondering what ROY G BiV is, it an acronym for the colors of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet! I learned that handy acronym in 2nd grade I believe.
So I really tried to ROY G BiV this birthday party out for Lauren!
Starting with her ROY G BiV birthday cake (minus the i - Indigo). I've seen lots people many these cakes, so I thought easy peasy - not the case haha! Sorta a pain, but totally worth the out come!
roygbiv rainbow cake
We had a pinata, because we always have a pinata because they are the most fun! ;)
We killed the cake, but not before Lauren made her 25th birthday wish
- she can't tell or it won't come true!
roygbiv mickey
Oh but Mickey's wishes all came true - Rainbow Puppy Mohawk! Wootwoot!
I know some people may feel putting food coloring in their pups hair is wrong, but not this gal! I think it's totally awesome and adorable! I just put alil food coloring on my fingers and brushed it into his hair! My hands were a ROY G BiV mess, but I didn't care! Cute right?!

roygbiv beverages copy
ROY G BiV Beverages anyone!? Yes!!!! With the cutest straws from HeyYoYo! Not shown is Lauren's favorite Cream Soda - didn't fit in the rainbow! I also made ROY G BiV goodie bags for the little kids and the big kids! See herehere and here!
Oh and I made the ROY G BiV Paper Streamer Chandeliers!
Rainbow Birthday Banner just for Lauren!
Sport'n Rainbow Suspenders!
And of course played lots of pinball and arcade games!
roygbiv family and friends
Know how I know we have the most awesome family and friends - because they made the RAINBOW!
 Pretty awesome group huh!? :)
Kinda sad I have no more ROY G BiV busy at the moment, but I suppose Halloween will make up for it! ;) Can't wait! I made a Halloween Flickr Set and a Birthday Flickr Set to share ideas! 
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Paper Streamer Chandeliers DIY

Paper streamer chandeliers
Here's a super easy DIY for Paper Streamer Chandeliers!
What you'll need: streamers
2. scissors
3. embroidery hoops
4. yarn/string
Paper streamer chandeliers DIY
Cut as many streamers as you want, maybe a yard or so long. Then put those streamers in the hoop, take the other part of the hoop and close it shut! I flip the streamers over the hoop, so you can't see the hoop.
Paper streamer chandeliers DIY
Take three pieces of yarn or string and tie them evenly on the hoop. And then repeat, repeat!
Paper streamer chandeliers DIY
These Paper Streamer Chandeliers are perfect for the ROY G BIV birthday we're having over the weekend! Wish they could stay up all the time! :)
Pretty easy huh!? So now if you make them link my the photos and add them to the Strumpet's Crumpets Craft Flickr Group!
Have an awesome weekend! 
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Seed How To

I love pumpkins right down to their tasty seeds, I know I'm not alone! ;)

Once you've picked out the perfect pumpkin, gut that puppy, and get all those seeds out!
I use a colander to collect the seeds. I rinse them out and pull all the extra pumpkin guts off the seeds!
For every cup of seeds you have add a tablespoon of veggie oil and as much salt as you can handle - mix it all together!
You oven should be set at 350 degrees and put the seeds in there for 15 mins and TADA!!! Perfectly salty pumpkin seeds ready to eat! I like them warm from the oven, but to each their own!
You can give the tasty seeds as little gifts, maybe your child's teacher, your buds at work, etc.! Fill up a mini mason jar, add a pretty ribbon, and fall/Halloween fabric!
Oh and ps kids are great helpers in the gutting process!
This is from last year but I needed it tonight, so I figured maybe you all did too! :) 
18 more days til Halloween! Wootwoot!
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Happy Birthday Lauren!

happy 25th birthday Lauren

Happy 25th birthday @laurenmf13 we love you!!!!
Help me wish my sister, Lauren the BEST 25th birthday EVER! :)
Lauren, I LOVE you so much! Have an awesome day! Hope you're stoked about your Roy G Biv Partaay this weekend! :) 
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Granny kinda Weekend

On Saturday, Olivia came over for a crafting day and taught Lauren how to make a Granny Stripe Afghan! Olivia gives a great explantation here ;) Now Lauren is totally hooked (bahahaha) on crocheting! I'm so stoked about it! She text me today: "I wanted to crochet all day lol" I LOVE it!
She's Hooked on crocheting Lauren Farley
Here's her blanket so far! She's using a J hook and "I Love This Yarn" yarn. This photo doesn't show the colors in their true tones - RGB boo! That red is actually orange and it looks so great!
I'm so proud of Lauren! I just think her blanket is perfect! I can't wait til it's finished......and then she can start another, and another, and another! ;)
Granny stripes afghan blanket
I worked on some Granny Square Blankets I'll be taking to A Holiday Affair Local Art Sale in Nov. I'm doing with Olivia! We are both pretty stoked, this will be our first time! :)
Granny Square afghan blanket
What'd you make over the weekend?
If you want to learn to crochet you should take a look at Olivia's Granny Stripe Explantation!
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I Want!

Over at Knitxcore, he made the cutest fabric pumpkins! The fabric are so wonderful!
Hopefully I'll have some time before Halloween to make a few! 
 Holy Moly! I LOVE this Cross Stitch iPhone Case! You can buy a DIY one here! And just so you know the new iPhone 4S will be the same size as the iPhone 4 so it's safe to buy this case if you were thinking about upgrading! Wootwoot!
How awesome is this Leprechaun  Cake!?!? I'm thinking about making it for my sister's birthday - it's a ROY G BIV themed birthday

OMG I'm in love with Twinkie Chan's Jack O Lantern Fingerless Mitts! baaaaaaa I WANT them! Aren't they great, but I need some cool weather first hahaha!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Florida Keys Weekend Adventure

Weekend Adventures
The weather is get'n chilly, but not in south Florida! We packed up and headed to our pirate hideout in the Keys. I guess there's not too many more weekends of warm water and warm waters, so Brian got some more lobsters.....and zero fish hahaha! Eli caught one though ;) The Gulf water is filled with these beautiful but harmful Moon Jellies (see second photo)! Luckily no one got stung. We at a the Lorelei Restaurant, which is named after that giant mermaid in the 4th photo, told Brian we have to name our first baby girl after her hahaha! I think he'll go for it, what little girl wouldn't wanna be named after a mermaid!? Eli and I stopped in the gas stations of the way home to get goof Florida toys-always fun! ;)
I made a lot of progress on a blanket for one of the cutest kiddos ever! And now were home! So much laundry to do, so much work to catch up on!
I've been feeling a bit guilty lately - I have been neglecting my REAL camera and my favorite blogs, know why? - Instagram! DundunDundun!! It's my favorite new social networking tool (sounds funny to say)! Who needs a giant camera?! Or blogs haha Instagram is the best, except you need an iPhone but if you don't there's always instagrid, here's mine! My favorite holiday is coming up so I'm going to start taking REAL photos with my REAL camera, Halloween deserves the REAL thing ;)
Oh and don't forget about Flickr! I miss Flickr too! Here's our Fall on Flickr so far!
Anyone else have this feeling lately?
Hope your weekend was great and I hope your week is even better!

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