Friday, November 25, 2011

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Oh Hey Oh Strumpets Giveaway
Hey did you sign up yet? You should! :)
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Pinball & Crochet Weekend

I suppose since it's almost the weekend I should finally post last weekend's fun! We all headed to Orlando! Lauren, Eli and I went to hang out with Sara and her adorable little gal Lilly - you know them from Prairie Hen! Of course I wished we lived closer, she's such a sweet gal and Lilly is too cute! Here's Eli and Lilly playing with their pup Liberty! Then we headed over to the Southern Pinball Festival
It was a ton of fun, watching Eli is the BEST! 
Southern Pinball Festival
Love this last photo of Lauren and Eli SO much! 
On Sunday we headed over to St. Petersburg (yes we literally drive a zillion miles in all directions) to see the Fox families. Eli is about the same age as two of our little cousins and they all have a blast together! They played in the pool all afternoon, then we ate the best steak my aunt grilled on a giant salt block, and then I taught the kiddos to "crochet" ha! Mostly they just chained, but it was so cute and they made a bunch of crocheted bracelets! SO cute! 
crocheting cousins weekend
It was a great weekend! I'm really looking forward to this up coming weekend! My best bud is having her baby boy! I'm so so so excited for her! Have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh Happy Thanksgiving gang! 
Wanted to let you know Oh Strumpets! - Olivia and I will be at the Holizaar Four Craft Show Dec 3rd in St. Petersburg, FL. It's a little over a week away, so mark it in your calendars! We're so stoked about it!! 
Hope to see you there! :) 
Oh and don't forget to sign up for the Oh Strumpets Holiday GiveawayGo GO go here to sign up!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Strumpets! Holiday Giveaway

Hey everyone! Go check out Oh Strumpets! for a handmade holiday giveaway! :)
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf our version
Strumpet's Crumpets is not really a mommy blog hahaha by any means, but I do have Eli, my soon to be step son (hate the step connotation - thanks a lot Disney!) Anyways, I LOVE all my time spent with Eli and I LOVE getting his mind going! Brian's mom gave us the Elf On The Shelf book last year, it is the BEST gift ever! Ever! I don't know who has more fun, me or Eli?! haha! He named our elf Pitt and Pitt showed back up after Halloween. Since then he brought a bunch of buds with him! I don't really follow the book or website of Elf on the Shelf, but the book does have a great explanation for kids - no touching the elf, behave because the elf is looking, etc.  I have a whole Flickr set just for our crazy elves! Our elves leave Eli teeny tiny notes ;) Sometimes the elves get a bit nutty
I know Eli is growing up and honestly I'm not sure he totally believes, but boy does he get excited every morning to see where the elves have moved or if there's any new guys! Sometimes I think he just goes along with it for me haha! One day we'll have a good laugh about it ;) We staying up late, trying to think of a clever hiding spot, the image of me climbing on furniture and the counter to get the elves in tricky places - haha! Can't wait to have more kiddos and have Eli help me hide the elves! 
Do you do Elf on the Shelf?
 If you're an aunt or uncle or best bud you should get this for a kid in your life - it is amazingly fun! 
If you have any clever ideas please pass em along to me and everyone in the comments!! 
Thank you and have a very wonderful weekend! :) 
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Oh Strumpets! Tattoo Pillows

Oh Strumpets Custom Tattoo Heart Pillow
Lookie what I made! My little loves' names tattooed on to pillows!
And for the next few weeks I'll be making custom pillows for Oh Strumpets' customers too!
Click here for more info!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vera is my hero!

vera my hero
Many of you may know Vera from Seni with Love, but you may not know she completely came to my rescue this summer! She is officially my hero! This summer my best friend Kris and her hubby got pregnant - they were OVER the moon! And I was over the milky way! haha! Kris and I chatted everyday about the baby. One day we started talking about the baby shower and what she would want, and she or I (I honestly forget who) thought a Jip and Janneke baby room/baby shower would be incredible! Jip and Janneke are these two clever/mischievous/funny story book characters from the Netherlands. Problem is- you can only find/buy them in the Netherlands. After that conversation I went straight to the HEMA website (think Dutch Target) and put every single Jip and Janneke item in my cart and I couldn't check out - whompwhomp!!! They wouldn't ship to the states. I racked my brain! Who could I ask!?! Then I remembered Vera! I followed her blog and Flickr since I started blogging. I felt SO odd asking her for help, not because I didn't think she was awesome because I did, but because I feel like it was a pain in the butt for her to do, but I got over that and emailed her! haha! She said yes!!! I was so so stoked! And Kris was going to be stoked too! 
Strumpet afghan
As a thank you, I asked Vera to pick out colors for an afghan! She picked pink, purple, white, and grey - loved it! So during our zillion emails back and forth, me paypaling all my Jip and Janneke monies to her, tweets, etc. I crocheted this blanket just for Vera and all her amazing help! She deserved 10 blankets!! :)
Vera basically set me every Jip and Janneke item HEMA had haha! Kris' baby boy better LOVE Jip and Janneke! Kris' mom and I decorated the her baby shower in all Jip and Janneke stuff - it was perfect! Vera sent 4 boxes filled with Jip and Janneke stuff all the way from the Netherlands, and I know it was n't easy! She's such a wonderful lady! Thank you so much Vera! 
Jip and Janneke baby gifts galore
Kris is due any day now! I just can't wait! Thank you Vera for making Kris the happiest pregnant gal ever! You are the best!!! 
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Adventures

This weekend the boys and I stayed in town (next weekend is the pinball show in Orlando haha who's going!?). We half cleaned up the Halloween decorations - who still has theirs up? haha Please tell me I'm not the only one! My friend Daniel came over Saturday night to take photos of our pinball games, because Brian and him are making a pinball calendar! And so am I - mine it going to be the Girls of Pinball (not actual girls, just the ladies on the pinball machines; bride of pinbot, pride of Frankenstein, etc! :) 
We thought it would be fun to go the Rib Fest in St. Pete Sunday, but we got all the way there and there was a sign - NO DOGS ALLOWED! whompwhomp! No big deal! We made the best of it and went to the dog friendly Dunedin! We ate at the Dunedin Smokehouse - it was SO good! Then we took Eli to a skate park/regular park - played a bunch. 
Leo's blanket!!!! @virginiejolie I want to hand deliver it!!
I finished my most favorite afghan yet for lil Leo, a friend's adorable little boy! I'm so in love with this one! Wish I could hand deliver it to them! :) 

Also this weekend Olivia and I added a bunch new handmade items on to Oh Strumpets and we've started an Oh Strumpets Blog! To take a look - it's brand new! We are so stoked about the new shop and blog! Hope you love it! We are going to have a holiday craft swap very soon! Get ready!
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh Strumpets!

cutest craft blog
(click on the photo above)
Last weekend Olivia and I were in a craft fair together and this week we........
 joined up to create Oh Strumpets! We are taking baby steps (we both work full time jobs and have full time families) but it's really coming together! We are adding more daily! Go check it out and let us know what you think! :) 
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Veterans day
I know a few veterans, but the most nearest and dearest is my grandfather, Ray C Farley. Here are some photos, here, and here. Here's more about him. He was in Vietnam, traveled all over the world, he was in the air force til he retired. He'll always be larger than life to me, he past away when I was a year old. I still love hearing stories about him and I can't wait to tell me kids  the stories. For example: he would breathe fire for all the kids in the neighbor where my dad grew up, he was so big and tall, that when I was bored he held me with one hand (I loved that story as a kid - he was a Paul Bunyan figure in my eyes), he raised birds and albino rabbits, he made my grandma all her jewelry from gems and stones he collected around the world, he photographed EVERYTHING, he was as handsome as a movie star, he was a bit wild in his younger years - luckily he had my grandma, Billie June Farley, simply the toughest, sweetest person I know.
That said, I want to honor the ladies (and fellas) who stay home with the kiddos while there other half is away! That is the MOST difficult job. My grandma just it - for a long time. And her kids turned out 100% awesome too! She's amazing! AMAZING! She's the best person I know.........
Go give a veteran you know a hug and their other half a bigger one! :) 
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

St. Petersburg Crochet Class by Oliveoh

So what are you doing Nov. 26th Florida gals? I'll be at EugeniaWoods on Central Ave in St. Pete FL learning how to make the cutest crocheted cupcakes by Olivia from Oliveoh! Olivia is one of the cleverest, craftiest gals I know! If you live in the Central Florida area this is your chance to meet her and learn to make awesome amigurumi cupcakes!
At our house we have a normal christmas tree and then we have the totally awesome, fantastic toy christmas tree that Eli and I fill with Domos, Dunnys, and now crocheted cupcakes!
Crochet Class by OliveOh in St. Petersburg FL Nov 26 2011
So here's all the info!
November 26th at 11am
at EugeniaWoods
645 Central Ave Arcade Building #10
St. Petersburg FL 33701
It's $35 for the class and ALL the supplies!
Beginners WELCOMED!!
Trusted me you're gonna make an awesome cupcake even if you've never crocheted!

Go check out Olivia's blog, Oliveoh 
-go see all the awesome stuff she makes - food, blankets, scarves, pouches, gardening, etc.


Signup here (quick because space is limited) for her Crocheted Cupcake Class!
I can't wait to see you there! 
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh Strumpets - our first craft show!

Oh Stumpets
This past Sunday Olivia from OliveOh and I did our first craft show ever! We were both pretty nervous!
My friend Mo from the wonderful MityMoDesign told me about the Craft Show and I was stoked to join, but not without Olivia! Ha! I can't remember if I said, "wanna do the craft show with me" OR "ok we're doing this craft show together...." :) haha! Together Olivia and I made "Oh Strumpets!" Tada!
Olivia and my craft show table
Olivia made the cutest crocheted creatures! Everyone wanted a fat headed bear - they're the CUTEST!! Also a bunch of gals were super interested in learning to crochet the cupcakes! Olivia is teaching a class Nov. 26th at the lovely Rachel's shop, Eugenia Woods. I finally met Rachel over the weekend - she's so gorgeous and sweet! SO if you're in the Tampa Bay Area and wanna learn to crochet go sign up for the class here!
Ok where was I?! The Craft Show! It was just so fun! The nervousness went away and we had the best time! It was a small craft show, but perfect for two beginners! The whole Farley gang came out to say hi and make my day! Eli tried to steal our business haha ;) It was just a ton of fun!
1. Olivia's adorable crocheted cupcakes - sign up for her crochet class here! 2. Jennifer and her hubby Jacob had the most awesome table EVER! Those two are gonna have some crafty, clever kids! 3. Eli, being so precious! 4. Charlie and Daniel came by to give their support so we gave them buttons! I have such awesome buds! And a huge thank you to my family for coming out and being so sweet!
It was a very awesome day and we're ready for another craft show soon!!!
I'd love to hear your craft show stories!!
We sold a bunch of stuff - more than I thought we would haha! I will be having an etsy update tomorrow - pretty excited about that! :) Have an awesome week!

Also I'm thinking we need an Oh Strumpets! Holiday Craft Swap - what do you think!!?!?!
I'd love to hear your ideas and if you'd be interested!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy November......

......3 days in, I'm a bit late!
November Paper Craft Calendar
Here is Go Scout Creative's Paper Craft Calendar for November! I really love this one! The colors are so great! The story goes, this Toucan wants nothing more than to be a cuckoo bird and live inside a beautiful clock! Tada! Wish came true!
Here are a few paper craft calendars from past months!
I'm excited about November! Olivia and I will be doing a Craft Fair this weekend over in St. Petersburg, if you live in the area you gotta come by and say hi! Please! :) Learn more here! Hope to see you there!
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haunted Arcade Halloween Party

Haunted Acrade Halloween Party Invitation
This Halloween our party theme was Game Over, A Haunted Arcade! I made the invitation to look like a pinball game, I used images from Haunted House and Monster Bash and combined them to make one game haha. October has been crazy, I would have like to make it cooler, but I just ran out of time!

My family all dressed up, because they are awesome! Brian and I were Mario and Princess Peach - arcade themed ;) But my grandma had the best costume, she was a panhandler hahaha in Tampa we have a HUGE panhandler problem - she's so cute!! 

But the Belle of the Ball was Daniel dressed in drag as me hahahaha yes it was disturbing, but hilarious! Daniel and I work together and are best buds at work - I'd go crazy without him. He said he was going to be me when I asked him about Halloween and I just laughed and figured he'd be some video game character, but nope he was me haha! His sister drew tattoos all over him, he got a bleached wig, ring, Starbucks cup, and a Mickey plushie!
He posed with Brian haha, my siblings and my whole family as me! 
The cherry on the cake was his Gay Laced tattooed legs, my legs say Straight Laced hahahaha so Daniel made the tattoo work for him - it fits! I did his eye makeup ps ;) This made my Halloween ps!
 Everyone played lots of games and ate lots of food! Brian got BBQ for us and it was the best ever! Lauren and Eli made a zillion yummy cupcakes, all perfectly decorated for Halloween!
Here are some Haunted Arcade decorations - Boo Ghosts from Mario! Here's some more and more.
The kids bobbed for apples, a Halloween tradition around our house! Eli really had to work for it - he cracked me up - he was soaked! He finally got one though and then preceded to get all the apples (once everyone went) he likes to be the best haha.
It was so much fun, but went by too quick! I need another week or two of Halloween please!!! 
How about you? Are you a Halloween lover too?!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Halloween

Strumpets Halloween
I'm so sad to see Halloween go! So let's make it last a bit longer by going through all the photos haha!
1. We decorated all day Friday and Saturday for our Haunted Arcade Party, Mickey obviously helped too! 2. I made Pacman Pumpkins for our Haunted Arcade Party! This Pumpkin was to tough to carve, so it worked out perfect because I just painted it and the gourds! 3. Eli picked orange and black to put in Mickey's hair - Mickey doesn't have a clue haha, he just looks cute! 4. Lauren and Eli cut out cats and owls Friday - they looked awesome! 5. On Sunday we brain stormed about what pumpkin we should carve, I picked a domo, Lauren picked a sugar skull, and then Eli said, "Dunny!!" And Dunny is was! It was ok for our first try - haha I am NOT a good pumpkin carver ps. 6. That's a giant chocolate rat I made for a fellow at our office, who happens to have a rat named Possum hahaha - perfect for Halloween!
I'll be back to share all our Haunted Arcade Party pictures soon!
I hope you had a super spooky Halloween! :)
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