Saturday, March 31, 2012

Support Boy Crafters

This past month Eli has been making and selling, he's only 7! I'm so proud of him! He's gone to two Craft Shows with Olivia and I for Oh Strumpets. He's doing such a wonderful job! He's been saving his money and hasn't spent a dime of it, though he's offered to pay for ice-cream once or twice haha I tell him it's ok I got it covered ;) And to teach him about business Brian makes him pay the postage when a bracelet needs to be shipped - teaching Eli his skills of being an entrepreneur :) Makes me so happy! Oh eli! <3

Something else that makes me SO happy is all of you! I really do have the best friends and blog buds! 
I just want to thank you all with all my heart! Thank you thank you!! Thank you for supporting our little boy crafter! He's learning so much from this experience! Plus it's so neat for him to see the bracelets he makes go all over the world! So crazy! Thank you!!! 
Eli Made

One big thank you goes to Robbie from Knitxcore! Robbie wrote a post about how his grandmother supported all his creative endeavors and little Eli's bracelets. It is so important to support your sons, brothers, nephews in exploring their crafty creativeness- crafts aren't just for girls! :) 
Thank you Robbie for such a wonderful post! 

Besides Eli, my dad Larry Farley is the craftiest guy I know! :) 
My grandparents let him make anything, hooked rugs, pottery, making his own clothes, and this amazing cross stitch haha! Monte Carlo! Wootwoot! How great is it!? 
This is a cross stitch my dad made when he was younger  this is the best thing EVER! Can't wait to show Eli!  @knitxcore had to show you too!  #boycrafts
Now my dad mainly is a wood crafter currently, he builds furniture, guitars, he carved for a long time (doesn't anymore, but I sure wish he'd start back up -hinthint!) oh and he cooks and has a "jungle" which is his plants and garden area. He's always had a workshop and his father had a workshop too. I'm so proud of my dad - way beyond words! My dad is incredibly well rounded thanks to his crafty creative skills he learned as a kid! 
Moral of the story - Support ALL kids in their creative interests! Give em a ball of yarn, giant sheets of paper, let them help bake, just help make the world a more creative place! 
I promise it will be better that way! :) 
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Harry Potter World Awesomeness!

Harry Potter Stuff
These are my Harry Potter treasures ;) 
A Dumbledore wand and a Voldemort wand! I already have Harry's! 
Look at how much bigger Dumbledore's is haha! 
I got Eli a Golden Snitch that moves, along with Every Flavor Beans from HoneyDukes! 
Some postcards, a tongue that gets huge, and I luggage tag :) 
Eeeeee!!! Hey @dangoland
We also stopped in the Lego Store in Downtown Disney! We have been collecting the Lego Harry Potter set for awhile now and I think we may have them all now! wootwoot! One Wizarding World coming up!
Oh and in Downtown Disney I found this teeny Mickey Mouse hat for Blythe!
haha Not really for Blythe, it's an ornament! But it's not perfect! :) So stoked about it! 
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harry Potter World Trip!

Last week my sweet friend Amber came down to Florida! 
You all may know Amber from her blog Hott-N-Annie! The one thing she definitely wanted to do when she came down, was go to Harry Potter World! I had only been one other time, and Eli was too small to go on any rides, so it was awesome, but not the best hahaha! But this time was AMAZING!
We went straight from the gate of Islands of Adventure to Harry Potter World - nothing else we really wanted to see honestly! hahaha! We ate at the 3 Broom Sticks and it was SO good! 
Awww @ambercox went back to MO - we had soooo much fun together! She got to meet the whole gang!! So stoked she came down, sure wish we lived closer!!

Baaaaaa I'm so excited!!!!!!!
Lauren and I didn't puke on the Hogwarts ride wootwoot! (we both get motion sickness bad)
That ride is way intense!! 
Which wand?! We got Harry's already!
I already had the Harry wand, so guess which two new wands I bought? Guess!!! :)
Sisters in potter land
I'm so so happy Lauren and I got to spend the day together with Amber. 
Reminded me of our childhood, minus all the fights haha! 
So.....I never drank butterbeer til this trip and I fall in LOVE! So I thought, "Butter! and Beer! - ewwww!" But it is heaven in a glass!! The frozen one is the! So SO so good! We each had two! hahaha!
@ambercox drink'n butterbeer! 2nd one!! So so good!

The day was perfect! Oh and the craziest/best thing happened - I got to meet Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane! Totally nuts! She and her family were there the same day! She's my craft super hero ps ha! She was just so sweet and her family was great! It was really a neat surprise to meet her! I was very stoked! :)
Woot woot
I was sad to leave Potter World! But there's always next time! 
I told my sister I wanna have my bachelorette thingie there haha no bars or weird weenie cakes or whatever people do - just Potter World please haha! That's ok right!? ;) 
Be back later with my Potter Goodies! 
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love...... incredibly talented my friends are! Steph Dillon is amazing! :) 
Illustration Friday: Swamp

Completely perfect!

Cute bloggers like Alycia from The Curious Pug. :) 
Star Wars print pants

Well dressed bloggers - haha I never really do, but sure wish I did! 
Look how cute Katie from SkunkBoyCreatures looks! Adorable!
Weekly Wears

What are you loving right now? 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keys Weekend with the Boys

Our weekend started early last week! We left Friday morning for the Keys with a pit stop to the office for our iPad3 that got delivered! Brian had the sweetest/ goofiest message engraved on the back! :)
We got some Dunkin Donuts for the ride and were out!
Keys Weekend Trip
It was beautiful down there! The weather was perfect (well it was a bit windy and the water was still chilly for me ;)) We snorkeled a bit - the fish were stoked to see us ;)  We ate a lot of tasty food! 
Also crochet'n in the car  that's his supply box
Oh this is Eli crocheting bracelets in the back seat on the ride down! He melts my heart!
Florida Keys Trip
The Lorelei got repainted! She looks beautiful - see her old self here! Our pirate flag is looking meaner than ever, all tore and tattered! arrrhh! And Hens and Chickens Reef is so so beauty! 
We had a fun weekend! I'm completely worn out! I feel like I haven't sat in days, I still have a zillion things to do before tomorrow hahaha but I need sleep now. How are you ringing in the Spring?
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Mick!

Mickey and I have been together 4 years now! :) 
He's of course part of our family now! 
I love that rotten pup SO much! 
Mickey's 4 today!!! Haha!! Puppy party!!!

This photo is from the second day we spent together haha I didn't like him very much haha
He was so small, I thought I was gonna break him! Good thing he plumped up! 
Happy 4th Birthday my sweet fat baby dog! 
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Friday, March 9, 2012

KidMade Bracelets for Sale!

This weekend Oh Strumpets was at the 600 Block Indie Market with special guest Eli! 
This was his first craft show! He told EVERYONE!! 
He was stoked! He made and sold handmade crocheted bracelets all day! 
I told him if he stuck with it, we would sell them on Oh Strumpets for him! What do you say? 
$2.50 for a bracelet including shipping (will ship overseas)! ;)
Pick your size and color (add it in the paypal notes)
these will be made to order and he's 7 haha so it may be a few days before they ship!
He's VERY excited about this ps!
Click on the paypal button below to get yours!
Bracelets Made By Eli

I promised little Eli that if he stuck with it, I would sell his crocheted bracelets on Oh Strumpets for him  so here I am letting you all know you can get your own Eli made bracelet on the Oh Strumpets Blog now
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Make Your World Yummy Contest

The very crafty and clever Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane has a new batch of YUMMY plush toys out at Kidrobot! Our household LOVES her plushies and vinyl toys! So when I heard Kidrobot was having a Make Your World Yummy Contest I was SO stoked! SO was Eli! :)
Let's eat! #makeyourworldyummy
So if you think our photos are extra yummy please come vote for them herehere, and here! :) 
OR on Instagram, my username is BECKSORANGE
We would super love it if you did vote for us!! 
And if we do win I would love to share the AWESOME plush winnings with you all! It's only fair! 
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craft Room Clean Up!

Is anyone as terrible as I am about keeping your craft area clean? I'm pretty sure the answer is -NO!
Mine gets so messy that you can't walk in the room haha I AM so embarrassed of it, so this Sunday I cleaned and cleaned! I just LOVE crafting at the dining room table, the reason being is the boys are there! I hate shutting myself in a room alone - it's weird! 
But I am going to use my room for crafts and not storage! 
My dad said once he understood - he would do his woodcarving up in the living room not in his shop. 
Here's my craft area all clean - this a lot going on but at least it's organized! And I got rid of a ton! 
Now I have a spot to actually sew! Amazing hahaha!
The girls got a new spot! 
You can see the floor! Woohoo!
Last week I made my best bud's new baby Wolfie a crocheted wolf hat! 
 And today he got it! Can could NOT be any more adorable!! Kills me!! 
Omg!!!! My @kct314 friend's mama just sent me this!! "wolf man!!" ❤ I'm in love!
Now he needs little wolf paw mitts! And then I need a plane ticket ASAP to deliver them! :) 
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Strumpets at the 600 Block Indie Market Today!

Come see us this today!!! 
from 12 to 6pm at the 600 Block Indie Market 
Sat. March 3rd in St. Pete! 
Hope to see you there! :)
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

multicolored hair

I was surfing around Pinterest, as I often do because it is one of my FAVORITE pass-times and Eli was looking over my shoulder and saw this photo above! "Can we do that to my hair!?" hahaha 
I couldn't let him do it to his because of school, so I let him do it to mine haha! Must really LOVE that munchkin zoo much! The photo and DiY is from Oh So Pretty the Diaries blog! It's a super cute blog ps - go check it out!
Haha oh pinterest! Eli was looking over my shoulder while I was on pinterest and 30 mins later I have blue hair  he wanted to do it to his own, which he can't (maybe on a Friday night) so I let him do it to mine haha sorta a mess!
So Eli picked the colors and went to town! hahaha it's two days later and my hair is still purple and blue. I think my hair is so bleached that it stained it pretty good! But no big deal!
 It'd be pretty cool (if you don't let a 7 year old do it ;))
If you do it - I will need to see photos!!! :) Please! 
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Money Cat Love

Canon also has a Money Cat paper craft, but it's a bit trickier!
Okay, I'm yours @laurenmf13 ❤❤❤ #luckycats
Lauren made this for her fellow! It's an old Sublime Stitch Embroidery transfer

baaaaa how cute is this Money Cat Bento!?!

Double Fortune ;)
And nothing is better than Dunny Money Cats from Kidrobot
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