Friday, June 29, 2012

DiY Starbucks Cold Coffee

I have a LOVE for Starbucks coffee, but it gets pricey, they get your order wrong ALOT, etc.
I was talking about this on Instagram one day and my sweet friend Britni (@waldoloves) told me how to make my own at home! And it is actually delicious!! 
DiY Starbucks Cold
Here's what you'll need:
Via Starbucks (caramel-my favorite) packets - about $6 for 5 or you can get a huge pack on Amazon
Almond Milk- I use Vanilla because it's the tastiest
Sugar- I don't use it because the caramel is pretty sweet already.
and ice! 
Britni suggested making them at night so they'll be extra cold and yummy in the morning and no wait! 
Now I use the Venti reusable cup from Starbucks and I put my Via packet in, and add a bit of water (to the first line-less than a 1/4 cup), then
 the almond milk to the top line (about a cup or a cup and a half), add ice and mix up! 
DiY Starbucks
I'm super pick about coffee, so trust me this is good! :) 
I was also thinking you could freeze the almond milk in an ice cube tray and then make your own 

Frappuccinos! Need to try this next!

Though no going to Starbucks means no posting hilarious or cute photos to People Of Starbux a pretty awesome site my friend runs! You should go check it out! 
Grab their widget!
Anyone else have any tasty summer time coffee drink recipes? I'd LOVE to hear them! 
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Paper People by Mab Graves

I love paper dolls, so much so I think we are going to have them as our wedding cake topper!
Here's my past paper people-here and here and here 
I've wanted these ladies from Mab Graves Etsy Shop for awhile.
I do love paper dolls. These lovelies are by the very talented/Blythe loving Mab Graves ❤ @laurenmf13 we should be siamese twins for Halloween :) deal, deal!
Pretty great right! 
The siamese twins remind me of Daisy and Violet from Freaks (one of my most favorite movies)! 
I told my sister we should be siamese twins next Halloween! Our family already dressed up as 1930 Circus Freaks a few years back, but we should definitely do it 6 more times ;) 
Here's all the photos from that Halloween! My mom was the ring leader, my dad was the bearded lady (BEST), I was half man, half lady, Lauren was the tattooed lady, and Danny was the dog faced boy!
Ahh all this Halloween talk is making me wish it was October! Halloween is my christmas! ;) 
It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!
Framed my paper dolls and the 3 little ones reminded me of @laurenmf13 @drfdtf & me :) and I wanted them to have one! @mabgraves ❤
I also got these Mad Graves greeting cards called The Siblings. Well these were way too perfect for Danny, Lauren, and I. They make me smile! Look at the little misfits - the boy with the plague mask is my favorite! I found little black frames ($5.00 then 50% off at Joann's) and frame the 3 cards and gave them to the siblings. Go check out Mab Grave's Etsy Shop I think you'll fall in love!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Happy first day of Summer!! 
We aren't really in the grove of summer yet. It's been rainy and hot!
Slowly but surely we're getting there! :)
2 favorites
I have SO many craft ideas haha but haven't started any! Hopefully soon!
One of our succulents bloomed! At first I thought it was fake haha #succulents #nofilter
Our succulents bloomed! Beautiful eh? Looks fake almost! 
Starting an 8 bit pacman blanket, this is the first square of a zillion haha
Started an 8bit Pacman afghan, to match the 1up mushroom afghan I made last year! 
Playing with the button maker  trying to figure out some super cute Oh Strumpets designs! #ohstrumpets #buttons
I've been playing with a new button maker. Eli and I both LOVE it! 
How has your Summer been going? 
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Father's Day

We had a good day yesterday!
Eli gave Brian the present he has been working on - Emperor (apple)Palpatine hahahaha!
I gave him some craft books to look through and told him to pick something to make for his dad.
He went with the Starwars Craft book of course ;)
Pretty creepy and cute eh?!
And he made Brian an awesome Pacman and Pacboy card!
Happy Father's Day  this is what Eli made for Bri hahaha that's emperor (apple)palpatine his head a dried out apple haha
We made Challah French Toast (our favorite) for breakfast and played some games in the morning.
Then the Farley family came over for some tasty BBQ!
This is our attempted at a Father's Day photo hahaha - I just took it with the iPad haha
Farley family Father's day photo
This is a special card Mickey made for my dad ;) 
BFF4LIFE! hahaha! perfect!
My dad got a Father's day card from Mickey hahaha  besties 4 life!

It was a wonderful day with the two best dads I know! I am so so thankful for them both! 
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Teddy, the bear

You know what I love most about craft blogging? All the other craft bloggers and becoming such good friends with them! I'm very lucky to have met Velma from Made by Velma via craft blogging! It's crazy to find people so similar to you! She has her family she loves so much, they craft together, they LOVE legos, go on little adventures, promote nerdiness - they are wonderful!!
Velma has a daughter the same age as Eli and they'd written each other letters and made each other bracelets - it's pretty darn cute! Well for Eli's birthday, we got this beautifully decorated box in the mail from Kira and Velma! 
Oh @velmam you are so wonderful!! He LOVES it! Thank you so much, you are such a good (internet haha) friend!
Not only was the box awesome, but inside the box was this perfect little blue bear with a party hat!
Eli was STOKED! 
Teddy, the bear!
That night he wanted to Instagram his new bear, which he named Teddy, the travel assistant bear (I have NO idea where the travel assistant thing came from hahaha) so I let him! ;) 
@velmam he wanted to show you Teddy and us  he's killing me with his cuteness!
And the next day Teddy went everywhere with us! Lunch, Target, the airport, Rita's, etc.
Teddy, the bear!
Eli also used my Canon to take this photo- he wants to "do photography" he told me! 
Teddy was his first subject! :) 
Thank you Velma and Kira! You guys are THE best! Handmade gifts are the best gifts!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Oh Strumpets Gifts!

Daddyo Plaques
Order today and you'll have it Friday, just in time for Father's Day! 
Order today and I'll stick some extra goodies in every order! :) 
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oh hi

@clairey_lou I made a Lego sewing machine! Sorta like the one you linked me but I modified it  #sewingmachine #legos #lego #sewing
Wanted to stop by and say hi! :)
School is out so life has needed my attention a bit more! Once we get into the swing of things I'll get back to crafting and blogging! Hope everyone is doing wonderful! 
Summer is officially only 8 or 9 days away! 
Here is Florida it's summer 3/4s of the year so this doesn't really apply to us ;) 

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day Cards & More!

Oh Strumpets Greeting Cards
Just in time for Father's Day! 
New greeting cards in the Oh Strumpets Shop! 
Order today to you can give your Daddyo an awesome handmade card! 
Oh Strumpets Greeting Cards

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