Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cheeky Strumpets Giveaway!

Cheeky Bridal Shower
My sister made these amazing Cheeky Housewife Kits! 
She made a few extras just for a Strumpet's Crumpets Giveaway!
Cheeky Housewife Kit by Lauren <3
If you win, you'll get 1 Cheeky Housewife Kit
The Cheeky Housewife Kit contains a heart cookie cutter, cherry red lipstick, a flower for your hair, and a teeny tiny sewing kit! 

There will be 2 winners! Here are the rules:

You need to follow Strumpet's Crumpets! 
via google friend connect (see side bar)----->
                               Leave your name and a way to contact you in the comments! 

                              And here are more chance to win (ps anyone, anywhere can enter)                                             

1. post this on your blog!! :)

2. Pin something you like in the Oh Strumpets Shop on Pinterest!
3. Tweet about this Giveaway @StrumpetCrafts
                          Leave a comment for each entry (easiest way for me to keep track)!
                             I will pick the winner on Thursday October 5th!

                                                                        Ready, set.....go!

Cheeky Housewife Kit by Lauren <3
Cheeky Housewife Favors
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1000th Post!

Holy Moly! My 1000th post! 
1000th Strumpets Crumpets Post
Seems so long ago I started this blog! I was SO nervous! Who am I to talk about crafts?! I am certainly glad I did create this blog! I've made SO many amazing friends, visited so many awesome places-it has been just great! Thank you to everyone who's supported me-it means the world to me! 

Here are some of my crafts from the past couple of years! :)
I'll be back later today with more thank yous! 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Triforce Birthday!

My best bud Daniel turned 25 a few weeks ago, so I made him a Triforce birthday party at work! Daniel LOVES Zelda and specifically requested this theme hahaha! 
 Triforce birthday for @dangoland
I found little pixelated Links online for cupcake toppers! 
It's a Venezuelan tradition to scream as you cut the cake! I now do it with my family- Eli LOVES it! 
Happiest birthday to you @dangoland
Even Brit signed Daniel's card ;) 
Omg!!! Britbrit  ;)
Daniel set up his Lego business card holder I got him! Perfect for his Sonic Print business cards
It's appropriate him working at a printer and being the biggest lego lover I know! :) 
@dangoland set up his bday present at work   #lego
May the force be with you Daniel ;) 
wait wrong reference!! whateves
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cheeky Photos By Jennifer Martin Photography

Cheeky Bridal Shower Photos by Jennifer Martin!
Go take a peek at Jenn's Blog- Jennifer Martin Photography, she posted the amazing photos she took at my bridal shower! I can't say enough how thankful and happy I am to know such a sweet and talented gal like Jenn! 

She captured the most perfect moments! 

My wonderful IRL-IG friends! That's nerd speak for Real Life Instagram friends ;)
Cheeky Bridal Shower
Left to Right: my beautiful sister Lauren, sweet Sara, me, lovely Amy, and my crafty partner in crime Olivia! I'm very lucky to know these awesome gals!

The whole gang! 

Jenn Martin <3
   That is one lucky little boy in her belly! Both his mama and his papa are incredibly talented, wonderful people! I can't wait to meet the little guy! :)
Thank you x 10000000000 Jenn! 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

September so far....

....has been pretty darn awesome! Lauren started it off with a very perfect Bridal Shower
It's just been great ever since! A lot is happening in the Farley/Cheaney family! 
Big moves, a wedding, new jobs! It's gonna be an exciting Fall! 
Only 5 days late ;) @ScoutCreative's super cute Sept paper craft! #scoutcreative
While Eli was doing his homework last week, I put together the ScoutCreative Paper Craft Calendar (only 5 days into the month-a bit behind ;))
@oliveoh's amazing banana pudding -literally the best. Ever ever.
On Labor Day we had our friends and family over for some yummy food and games! 
Thanks to Olivia everyone gained a few delicious pounds haha! 
Look at that banana pudding above! It was out of this world! Thank you again Olivia
Purple drank  from the vitamix- plain yogurt, spinach, frozen blue berries, pineapple and super food powder-pretty dang good!
We invested in a Vitamix! It's super duper awesome! I love the super food green smoothies at our local health food store, but they aren't cheap! A friend or Brian's had one and Olivia has had one and every time I see her smoothies they're just perfect! So we got one! I think I've used it every day since the day we got it! I bought that green power super food and if you add pineapple you can't even taste it! 
My internet bud Claire recommended making banana ice cream! OH MY WORD! It's so good!! 
Take some frozen bananas (3 to 4), a cup of ice, and I used 1/4 to 1/2 of almond milk - blend! Tada! Amazing banana ice cream! 
@clairey_lou I made banana icecream!! And it is really good!! I put a teeny bit of almond milk and a cup of ice and a bunch of frozen bananas! Perfect!
Started a new blanket ❤
I started a baby blanket for my sweet friend Virginie! Again I wish I could hand deliver this to her, but without teleportation being created yet, I cannot- one day! ;)  
I made her precious little Leo an afghan and I thought it was my favorite, but now I think it's my second favorite hahaha because I'm in love with this one! 
Rainy day ❤ we woke up so late. My favorite days.
Oh speaking of sweet babies! Mickey is still the apple of my eye! ;)
He's as rotten and spoiled as ever! Below is a photo of him on our dining room table just hanging out! Little rotten tot! If I'm working on the computer, he thinks its totally normal to sit (on the table) next to me! Geeza! 
Hehe fat pup & a wide angle lens =
So that's my September so far! Oh and my sister, Olivia and I finished painting, rolling, stuffing, confetti-ing our wedding invites this weekend-so I'm super stoked about that!
 I can't wait to post all about them! 
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheekiest Bridal Shower

My sister, Lauren and my best friend, Kris gave me the most adorable Bridal Shower! 
Or should I say CHEEKIEST Bridal Shower! 
It was a tea party! They chose Tea Rose Cottage in Ybor (one of my most favorite spots), ordered Gigi's Cupcakes, made AMAZING Cheeky Housewife Kits, and a super cute bridal bingo game! 
Everything was completely perfect! They are too good to me! 
Cheekiest Bridal Shower
I just love my sister SO much! I'd be lost without her!
Today was mad especially perfect by @laurenmf13  you're the best lo! Thank you for the sweetest bridal shower ever!!!
My best friend, Kris is so amazing to me! Even though we live miles apart, we are so close! 
I am so lucky to have her.
Kris & me <3
I found this dress at Pinup Girl Clothing and had to have it! 
It's pink circus themed fabric! It's too perfect!
I found a pink circus print dress haha and had to wear it for the bridal shower
Lauren had her very talented fellow, Curtis Elliott, design the invitations
Sonic Print printed them! ;) They came out so cute! 
Bridal Shower Invites!
Now I'm sure you noticed all the photos have been iPhone photos haha nice! 
Have no fear, Jenn from Jennifer Martin Photography took the legit photos! 
I cannot wait to see them! I'm so stoked! Jenn and I became friends via our blogs! Crazy huh!? 
She is the sweetest girl I've ever met. And the day Brian proposed I knew she'd be our wedding photographer, but there's a little bump.....a baby bump (she's due 2 days before our wedding hahaha)!
I could NOT be more happy for her and her husband! That's gonna be one talented kiddo! :)  
Jennifer Martin Photography

I am so so thankful for my wonderful family and friends! You all are so awesome! 
I'll be back with non-iPhone photos soon! ;)
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