Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Golden Birthday cont.

This Saturday Lauren (my sister) and Olivia threw me THE most amazing Golden Birthday EVER ever!
They asked our friend Daniel to make the Golden Birthday Invitation - just look at it!
Oh and I made a whole Gold Birthday set on Flickr
Golden Birthday Invitations
Lauren and Olivia cooked, baked, decorated - they just made the best birthday for me! I am so so thankful for them! I love them so much! Look at all the gold stuff below hahaha - Golden Girls, Golden Ticket, Gold Jesus Piece, Gold Record, C3PO, gold grill, etc. SO AWSOME! 
Golden Birthday decorations_golden things
Brian and Eli got me a fire pit for my birthday so we can roast marshmallows outside (normally we roast them in the fire place haha). We all had s'mores made with jumbo marshmallows! Plus we had fresh popcorn, the best BBQ in town, Olivia made baked potato salad (I would eat it everyday if I could), Lauren made the cake (giant Stay Golden bar) and gold cupcakes - PERFECT! 
Bday marshmallow roast!!
Far away photo of Olivia and Lauren getting ready!
Lauren and Olivia are the best
SO happy!! I just love my family and friends! 
Becky and Mickey Golden Birthday
Golden Birthday decorations! 
Golden Birthday Decorations
Golden Birthday treats for the kiddos! 
Gold mine Bubble Gum for my golden birthday
We had such a fun time! Lauren and Olivia, you two mean the world to me! Thank you so much! 
Brian and I went to LegoLand the next day - I'll be back later with all that fun! 
Hope your week is going great! 
Oh and don't forget to signup for the Oh Strumpets Valentine Giveaway! It's a good one! 
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up!!! 
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Golden Office Birthday!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my Golden Birthday was coming up! Well it's almost here! 
My best bud Daniel from work spent last evening gliding my desk! :) 
You may remember my desk at last year's birthday - the Dexter Kill Room! SO perfect!!
Becky Lego Banner Golden Birthday
Golden Lego People Banner - AMAZING!!
Golden Birthday At Work
So incredibly stoked!
Golden Birthday Becky farley
And to top it all off he got me the Harry Potter Lego Board Game! How awesome is that?! 
Golden Birthday awesomeness
I'm so excited for this birthday weekend!!! EEEEEeeeEek :) 
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh Strumpets Valentine Giveaway!

Valentine Giveaway on Oh Strumpets
It's a good one! 3 awesome 3D Adventure Print from Shawn Hileman
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blythe Crazy

Strawberry Fest Blythe Size Hat
I made this little strawberry blythe crocheted cap last night! SO many ladies to blame for my new blythe addiction hahaha started with Amber - I met her Blythe and realized how awesome they were, then I traded Virginie a handmade blanket for Charlotte (doll in photo) and now my sweet Olivia is keeping my blythe addiction going- strong! hahaha! So crazy in fact, Olivia started Oh Strumpets and Blythe Too! We didn't wanna overload you non-Blythe lovers, which I totally use to be one ps! But not anymore!
So go check  Oh Strumpets and Blythe Too! if you love Blythe! Contact us if you'd like to be featured on the Blythe Blog :) Heck or any Strumpets blog for that matter!
Yay for the week being half way over!! 
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Crafters against SOPA

Normally, I'm not too serious, but this is something very important to me. Congress is trying to pass SOPA; the online piracy act - it is bad news bears! If you use google, blogger, wordpress, flickr, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc you will be affected - in a major way. Please read about it and form an opinion! If SOPA goes through life will change in the USA, and not for the better. 

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web here

Help raise awareness about PIPA & SOPA


add this button to your blog if you feel the same

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polar Bear Crocheted Hats

Once Eli told Brian and I he wanted to be a Polar bear at our wedding haha why you ask? Because he's our ring bear duh and white is most appropriate for a wedding! He really is so hilarious and cute! 
I just love him! We told him he could 100% be our ring bear! 
First human crocheted hat I've ever made! Eli is just toooooo cute!!! ❤
This weekend I tried my hand at making polar bear hats 
- one for Eli (human kid size) and one Blythe size! Eli could not be more cute! 
 I have fallen in love with Blythe ps. I always thought they were SO weird, but now I just love em! The first one I ever saw was Amber's in MO - I never knew their eyes changed when you pulled the string!!! Now Olivia and I are Blythe CRAZY! 
Little Blythe Bear Hat White
So if you want one you better go grab one! 
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Cutest Cactus Ever

@virginiejolie  got my package from you today!! The cactus is THE cutest ever!! Ha! And I plan on putting that smurf sheet to use soon  thank you sweet craftiest friend!! And yes we would be the super duperest friends irl haha
My sweet friend Virginie makes THE cutest things - just look at this amigurumi (not sure if I use this word correctly ha) cactus! Too cute! She has a blog and a etsy shop you should go check out! :)
Hope your Tuesday is going well or almost over for those of you stuck at work! ;)
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Monday, January 16, 2012

My365.........first half of January

  Instagram is my favorite!!  If you don't have an iPhone, then you may not be able to use it, which is a bummer! I wish all my family and friends had it! I don't have Facebook and twitter is ok, but Instagram is the bomb.com! haha! I'm currently doing a my365 on Instagram. my365 is another app that displays the images in order. I'm following a specific list of daily things to photograph (see below). Today is the half way mark of January, so I thought I'd show you all my month so far! 

Photo A Day Challenge

                                     1. You                                                      16. Morning
                                     2. Breakfast                                              17. Water
                                     3. Something you adore                           18. Something you bought
                                     4. Letterbox                                             19. Sweet
                                    5. Something you wore                            20. Someone you Love
                                    6. Makes you smile                                  21. Reflection 
                                    7. Favorite                                                22. Your shoes
                                    8. Your Sky                                             23. Something old
                                    9. You routine                                          24. Guilty Pleasure
                                    10. Childhood                                          25. Something you made
                                    11. Where you sleep                                26. Color
                                    12. Close-up                                            27. Lunch
                                    13. In your bag                                        28. Light
                                    14. Something you're reading                  29. Inside your fridge
                                   15. Happiness                                          30. Nature
                                                                     31. You, again

Even if you don't have instagram you should give it a go! It's fun! :)

oh and if you have Instagram find me: Becksorange or Becky Farley :) 

Hope your first half of January has been good! I'm really looking forward to the second half!
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Valentine Paper Heart Chain DIY

We finally took down the Christmas tree yesterday and the house looked so bare.
(if you look close you can see the Christmas tree on the back porch in these photos haha
and in the last one the wind blow the tree over haha)
heart valentine paper chain DIY
Eli and I decided to make Valentine's Day decorations :)
Saw this paper chain project and thought I'd give it a try!
It's a bit tricky for little ones (eli's 7 and it was difficult for him)
You have to hold 4 pieces of paper in place while stapling - I think it requires adult coordination. 
Valentine Paper Heart Chain DIY
You just need paper, scissors (or a cutter), and a stapler with a ton of staples ha! 
This would even be great for Christmas as garland on the tree! Need to remember that for next year! 
paper heart chains in window for valentines day
So we chained a bunch and hung them in our back window! Turned out really pretty! 
If you make some, send me the link I'd love to see yours! 
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

Have a very wonderful day! :) 
Lucky 13 embroidery
lucky 13 embroidery I did for my sister awhile back
number 13 on the 13th
Photos by Me :)
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Hey! Don't Forget!

Valentine Craft Swap Signup on Oh Strumpets!
It's gonna be awesome! :) 
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Calendars for the New Year

You all know I have a love for paper crafts, well here are to very different but equally wonderful paper calendars you can download and use for free! Wootwoot! 
First is the very talented miss Jeannie Huang from Jeannie Jeannie! She created a beautiful 12 month calendar you can download for free! It's perfect for your desk at work! 

I did all 12 last in 2011! I need to take a photo of them all together! :) 

Do you know of any great paper calendars? Let me know! 
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh Strumpets Valentine Craft Swap!

cutest craft blog

Olivia and I are hosting an Oh Strumpets Valentine Craft Swap!
Go check in out at Oh Strumpets
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2011

Strumpets 2011 year
1. New Years in South Florida, watching Kooza a Cirque du Soleil with my fella! 2. Snowboarding in Breckenridge 3. & 4. Best birthday to date! Daniel turned the office into a Dexter Kill Room Birthday Party!
5. Buying my wedding dress with my best bud up in Boston! 6. Got Mickey tattooed on my arm haha! 
7. Trip to the fair with my wonderful family! I love them so much! 8. Lauren moved home to Tampa!! 
9. Easter traditions 10. Lauren and Eli spent the summer together AKA Camp Lauren! :)

Strumpet 2011 year
11. Lobster Season in the Keys with the boys! 12. Most awesome trip to MO and Chicago with my sweet friend Amber Cox! Plus we went to the Renegade Handmade Craft Fair! Amazing!! 13. My Little brother Danny graduated from FSU and my sister Lauren graduated from grad school at Vanderbilt! 
2011 Strumpet year
16. Eli turned 7! Wootwoot! We celebrated with a 007 birthday party! 17. I finished Brian's 1up crocheted pixelated mushroom! 18. Had a ROY G BiV birthday bash for Lauren! 19. We had our annual Halloween Party! This year was the Haunted Arcade! 20. Oh of the most exciting things that happened this year - Olivia and I started Oh Strumpets! We did 3 craft shows together! We've been having THE most awesome time with Oh Strumpets! I am so stoked for 2012!! 
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Golden Birthday

When I was in 3rd grade, my best friend at the time Krysta Matheson taught me about golden birthdays. Your Gold Birthday is when your age is the same number as your birth day, for instance I'm turning 29 on the 29th! You only have one Golden Birthday! I'm pretty excited about the idea of a Golden Birthday. I'm definitely make this a big thing when I have kiddos, I've already told Eli about it. He and I have the same Golden Birthday; we both were born on the 29th day (different months). 
So I pinned a bunch of my Golden Birthday inspiration
To see my Golden Birthday board on Pinterest just click here
If you have any Golden Birthday stories or ideas please leave em in the comments! :) 
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hey friends  happy first day of 2012

Hope your 2012 is an awesome one! 
2012 year new card making

Decided to make happy 2012 glitter cards to send to our friends and family! 
I REALL y love the Martha Stewart glitter! It's just pretty! 
2012 new years card making

Do you all do resolutions? I do not, but I'd like to hear yours! :)
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