Tuesday, August 28, 2012


....we've been doing a bunch of wedding prep! It's been fun! Olivia came over to quilting day and cut out the circus bunting! Pretty cute little circus tents eh?! 
❤ @oliveoh making circus bunting for our wedding!!!  I should be helping lol
These bitty hexagons were made by my Aunt Jackie - AMAZING! Look how tiny they are! 
And that fabric (1930's repo) is my favorite! My aunt is my Craft (and life) Super Hero! ;) 
Teeny tiny hexagon flowers by my aunt! She's my craft (and life in general) hero!
We been really lovin' and learn'n about jukeboxes! 
Yesterday, we listened to it not stop, Eli mostly played Pinball Wizard and Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" hahahaha It's a 1962 AMi Continental 2. It's the prettiest thing I've ever seen! 
 Bri and I are gonna dance dance dance! ❤
I finished an afghan! One giant granny square with little bitty squares on the ends! 
giant granny square and bitty squares
Mostly lately I've been having sweet and wonderful times with the boys! I'd say life has been gogogo, but when is it not!? Between work, the kiddo's school starting, wedding planning, family, and everything in between it's tough to fit REAL crafting in hahaha
What have you been up to lately? Busy bee too?
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Jukebox Love

Last Saturday, Brian sent me a photo of a jukebox, he was at an arcade auction. The photo was of a jukebox (not on, so no lights) and it was super beat up! He knows I've been wanting a jukebox for awhile now, and he has a good friend who knows EVERYTHING about jukeboxes. He text his friend the same photo-his friend said GET IT! 
I'm in love w it! He sent me a photo from the auction but it's 1000000x better in real life!!
The photo he sent me did NOT do that jukebox justice (and honestly neither does this one) it's beautiful! Even all beat up! It's a 1954 Wurlitzer! The first jukebox to have a record carousel.
'54 wurlitzer jukebox ❤  Bri said he got it bc it had so much Elvis in it already ⚡
I loved it right away!
our wurlitzer
our wurlitzer
Then a few nights later, Brian and I drove out to this fellow's house who restores everything from pinballs to jukeboxes! Arcade Antiques is his company. The man lives in a wonderland of nostalgic toys! It was completely amazing! I didn't want to leave haha! I want to grow up and be him! hahaha
Once ours is all cleaned up this is what it will look like  #1954 #wurlitzer
He showed us his 1954 Wurlitzer Jukebox, which he restored to perfection (above). It was in his bedroom haha and it played beautifully! It was then Brian gave him the go ahead to fix ours up! 
This is a 1955 wurlitzer  if I seem excited its bc I am! Haha I wanna learn everything abt jukeboxes now and own every year!
Jim (that's the wonderland fellow's name) took us around his home. All I could say was, "Oh my!" All his jukeboxes were completely perfect! He played them all for us! He had jukeboxes everywhere! 
Just had the time of my life looking at old jukeboxes
He had a bunch is a work shop, very beat up, but still so beautiful! 
He had cocacola stuff, old coin-op space ship rides for kids, old gas pumps, scales that tell your fortune and your weight - I want one!, soda machines, old registers, and about 194599589 jukeboxes! :) 
Then he had the cream of the chop! 
Look at this 1947 Wurlitzer jukebox (both photos above and below)! 1947!!!
 And it's 100% perfect! The man is a wizard! 
Look at how things use to be made! So much detail and beauty! 
The speaker for the 1947 Wurlitzer
The term "jukebox" came into use in the United States around 1940, apparently derived from the familiar usage "juke joint", derived from the Gullah word "juke" or "joog" meaning disorderly, rowdy, or wicked. 
Hahaha Sounds good to me! Every Strumpet needs a rowdy, wicked music box ;) 
Here is our Coin Op Love Flickr set, I added Jim's treasures to it so you can take a peek! 
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Monday, August 13, 2012

One Cowboy's Birthday

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! And yesterday we celebrated it - cowboy style! ;)
This is probably one of my most favorite photos in this world! This is my dad as an awesome kid cowboy-this was taken in Japan on Halloween. Send a Farley to Japan and they will still celebrate Halloween! hahaha
Happy Birthday week Larbear! I love you more than you will ever know! 
Happy Birthday to you Larbear!
My dad is a big Dallas Cowboys fan! 
So I made some cowboy decorations! It was fitting too because as a kid I knew football started around my dad's birthday and ended around my birthday (late Jan.) I always thought of it as birthday gifts to both of us! hahahaha
cowboy cupcakes
Woohooo for paper crafts! 
Woohoo cowboys birthday banner for my dad's birthday!
I had fun putting all his decorations together! 
special banner for my dad
I decided all the cupcake stars looked cuter as actual stars - so I just hand cut them!
cupcake toppers
Yesterday was a very fun day with my family! 
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keys Weekend Adventure

And we're off.....like a herd of turtles ;)
Last weekend Bri and I packed up and headed down to the Keys! We go over the SkyWay Bridge every time we go and I always take a photo. :) I secretly love the drive down because I crochet the whole way! We took our GoPro camera to take under water, but Brian also decided to video part of our trip down in the car - it was pretty darn cute of him! I can't wait to watch it 50 years from now! :) 
Our mission on this trip was to get Lobster! And that's just what Brian did - but it wasn't easy! There were so many storms down in South Florida and the waves were CRAZY! The waves turn up all the sand, making it difficult to see underwater! Plus I get super duper barfy from the boat rocking (cars moving, roller coasters, basically anything that moves) and Dramamine makes me so sleep (even non drowsy). So it was tricky getting those lobsters! Oh and Brian and I both saw two different 5 foot sharks (they were nurse sharks but still it's super scary when you're in their water!)! So Brian found 5 Lobsters, but let one go because it was a bit short. The Keys have VERY strict laws when it comes to lobster hunting -THANKFULLY! Makes me happy to know if you take too many or baby lobsters the police of the Keys will take your boat and fine you heavily! Mostly stops the poachers! 
Keys adventure
So I drove the boat while Brian held on tight to a ski rope in the water and searched for Lobster spots. Bri and his dad did this when he was little and now he wants to do it with Eli! I think it's awesome!
Best spot in all the keys for food and best view
We ate at our favorite spot in the Keys - Lazy Days Restaurant! If you ever go to the Keys, you HAVE to go to Lazy Days - order the JalapeƱo Encrusted Yellow Tail, it's amazing! Plus look at the view! 
The Keys are a wonderful place to visit, but there's no place like home! 
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Believe in Good

Today I woke up to a FourSquare alert on my phone saying "Happy Marriage Equality Day!" from my very dear Starbucks loving friend Mo (this is a lady I am very thankful to have in my life). So that started me on my day! Before I left for work I grabbed a large stack of my Dear Pastor Worley postcards and carpooled to work with my love.  I had a mission today.
Who is my penpal Pastor Worley? Well he is a man who believes all gays and lesbians should be put inside electric fences and kept there until they die, therefore killing all the gays (of course this is not the case you horrible old man)- see for yourself. 
 The day Brian called me and told me about this man, I went to CNN.com right away and watched..... and I couldn't breathe, I couldn't speak or I would burst into tears.....my heart hurt so so much....I can't explain the feeling - it crushed me. I was scared. 
It is 2012. 
Then within a 30 min period my fear lessen because I had an idea! I am VERY fortunate that I work at and am more or less married to a printing company :) Why be scared? I can spread love and happiness via postcards-even to this hateful thing called Pastor Worley! Yay for Direct Mail! So I simply opened Photoshop and made a rainbow with a VERY happy face- 4x6 -300dpi-CMYK-saved as a pdf- sent to prepress, bindery cut them down and I was ready to write my Love Letters to Worley! Kill him with kindness.
I posted a photo of the postcards on Instagram, and that's when the world was good again! Crazy how social media works- who knew I'd meet/know such amazing people via Instgram!?! They asked to help! So I just printed more and shipped them all over the US and they all sent them to Pastor Worley!
Thank you all SO much!
Love Letters To Pastor Worley
Here (above) are just a few of my wonderful friends' Love Letters they wrote to Pastor Worley! 
I especially want to thank my friend Rachel for this blog post "Dear Pastor Worley".

Love letters to Pastor Worley ;)
Also thanks to Postagram I sent Worley a fancy die-cut postcard, so he could pop the Instagram photo out and keep it forever!  And then 30 days later Postagram reminded me that I hadn't sent old Worley a Postagram in awhile! Thanks Postagram! 
All Love is Equal
I made a new postcard tonight to send to him (above) 
Oh and I sent him a glitter bomb a few months ago! I thought he'd get a kick out of it! 
Let me know if you would like to help me spread the love to Pastor Worley! ;) 
Leave me a note in the comments.

Gay pride fest in amsterdam
Another sweet Instagram friend was recently in the Netherlands and she sent me this from the Gay Pride Fest in Amsterdam- it's a beautiful rainbow flag on a church. It's so simple-just treat people how you want to be treated! Equal! 
"Supporters of gay marriage responded Tuesday to last week’s rush to Chick-fil-A with an appreciation day of their own — at Starbucks." Read more here!
So I'm proud of Starbucks for making it Marriage Equality Day! Thank you for not being hurtful and close minded.....and for making awesome coffee and tea! ;) But seriously it's good to see a large company believing and stand up for GOOD! 
I am so excited for our wedding, I couldn't imagine being told we couldn't get married. All my life my parents have told me to be myself. Why can't the world take on this way of thinking? 

A few weeks ago my sister asked, "who's left after the gays and lesbians win equal rights?" Please do NOT forget women only gaining the right to vote less than 100 years ago and the civil rights movement took place even more recent than that! Who will these hate filled people go after next? Or will it be over? Is that possible? We can only hope and kill/fight them with kindness.

I shouldn't have to write this, but if you don't have anything nice to say (in the comments) 
then please don't say anything at all. Thank you. 
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Friday, August 3, 2012

olloclip love

I had my eye on this olloclip for awhile now. I've seen cheaper ones, but never a 3-in-1 like the olloclip! I ordered mine on Amazon because I wanted the Prime Shipping to get it here ASAP! 
So I love it basically haha I'm an easy sell! 
It has a Macro lens, Wide Angle, and a Fish-Eye - it's awesome! 
I take a LOT of photos (see above photo) I just deleted 2000 photos from that 4646 recently! I use my iPhone so so much! I still love my Canon, but the iPhone takes the cake! 

Fisheye vs wide angle
So here's the lens in use! The lens just snaps right on over the phone, and you turn it around to change the lens! To use the Macro you just unscrew the Wide Angle lens.
macro len olloclip
The Macro lens is the most amazing!! Pretty impressive for a phone camera right?!
We took a Macro photo of this lovely Vamper Lego lady and my ring! They came out so clear! 
Fish eye olloclip
Eli loved it too ps! 
Fish eye
Here's my ode to South Park and the episode of Animals with wide angle lens (Mickey will not wear a hat) he will not be made a fool of! 
I used it at GameWarp2 (pinball and arcade conference) in Orlando last weekend and it took amazing photos! I'll do a post soon with them!

Now the only thing I don't like about the olloclip is this- you cannot use it with a phone case, which is tricky because I normally NEVER have a bare iPhone. Makes me very nervous! 
If you use this lens I suggest a dress with pockets! haha
I really like it and if you take a ton of photos you will use this! It's awesome! 
Oh and another iPhone product I love that I recently got it the LifeProof case - which is completely waterproof! I bought it for our Lake Lanier trip and I'm so thankful I did! Plus we live on a lake and go down to the keys often - I suggest LifeProof for all FL gals and guys! I'll be using it this weekend down in the keys! Can't wait to share the underwater photos! 

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

cute egg in the middle

I'm not great at cooking, though I am learning! 
One thing I am good at making is breakfast-eggs, bacon, challah french toast, waffles, and now egg in the middle! It's Brian's favorite - I think it's gross haha but to each their own right ;) 
I mastered the semi runny egg in the middle, then I thought how could I make this better? 
answer: by making it cuter!! So that's what I did! 
Went for another 2.5 miles today w Bri! I made him heart toast and eggs ❤ and a smoothie (and a few pcs of bacon ) for me!
I just got the heart cookie cutter out and tada-cuter egg in the middles! 
I wonder if Alfred ever made this for Batman haha
I sorta love this one the best! It's Halloweenie! Or very batman!
Pacman breakfast for my guy :) I've mastered that egg in the middle thing -leaving the yolk uncooked (I think it's nasty, I like my eggs scrambled and burnt)
And of course this is a favorite in our house - Pacman egg in the middle! 
If you decide to make your egg in the middle cuter I wanna see!! :)
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake Lanier Adventure

summer vacation 2012
A few weeks ago we took a trip to Lake Lanier in GA! 
I found it completely crazy that Lake Lanier is a man made lake! Crazy! 
The water is blue, compared to Lake Tarpon where we live which is brown and FILLED with gators! 
We drove the truck with the boat hitched to us 9 hours up to Lake Lanier. 
We got to wakeboard (almost) everyday! It was awesome! 
wootwoot! Bri led the kids to the geo-cache treasure!!! Very very hidden on an island on a hill in the forest haha
I am very very lucky to have these two wonderful boys in my life! Brian took everyone Geocaching, which is basically treasure hunting and it was awesome! We found a cach that started in 2004!
Eli was showing the other kids how to wakeboard
We all wakeboard! Above is Eli!
 Brian taught me to drive the boat so I can pull him! 
That's him in the photo below! Brian is a WONDERFUL wakeboarder! He jumps the wake, does little spins, all that jazz! It's very impressive! 
And here's a photo of me wake boarding haha! 
I wish I could go everyday! In the mornings it was such glassy water; flat and smooth.
 Bri took a photo of me wakeboarding! Im no where close to being as good as him!
Our ridiculous family photo ❤
Just a hilarious family (self) photo.

One of the highlights on the trip was meeting follow blogger and crafter, Whitney from Heart So Much in real life! Hahaha! Oh and her pup Chico! She is just so sweet and so genuine! I always get nervous meeting online buds in real life, but my nervousness went away immediately- Whitney is super easy to talk to :) The people who were in GA with us thought her and I were old buds haha I thought that was pretty awesome! We are kindred pup people - mean our dogs are as loved as most people's kids are haha just look at the fourth photo there -Chico just wanted to save Whitney!!!
It was a very awesome day with her! It's a shame we don't live closer!
Whitney, you know you are ALWAYS welcome down here in FL with us! :) 
We don't have these guys in Tampa-they're magic! ⚡fireflies!
We saw lightening bugs (fireflies) which is always amazing to me! We don't have them where we live in FL, so to me they're like the equivalent of seeing fairies haha! ;) But seriously they are so beautiful!
Brian and I woke up early so we could spend sometime wakeboarding just he and i ❤
It was a fun trip. I do wish we could wakeboard on that lake everyday! I would! 
Lake Lanier I hope to see you soon! :)
(ps I made a whole Lake Lanier Flickr set)
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